Feng Shui Workplace Quiz

Feng Shui Workplace Quiz
Feng Shui principles teach that your surroundings have a powerful effect on what you attract into your life, and this is especially important in your office or workspace. When the energy in your workspace is unbalanced or blocked, your career or business can be adversely affected. This Feng Shui quiz for your office or workspace will help you understand where you need to make some Feng Shui changes. Give yourself a one point if any of the following conditions apply to your workspace, then total your score.

1. I sit facing the entrance door on a diagonal, rather than directly across from the door or with my back to the door.
Feng Shui Explanation -- Sitting diagonally across from the door is known as the Power Position because you can see who enters your space, and nothing goes on “behind your back.”

2. There are living plants and fresh flowers in my office or workspace.
Feng Shui Explanation -- Place a plant or flowers within three feet of your computer to balance any of the harsh electro-magnetic energy that it generates.

3. I work in an office or workspace with windows and a beautiful view.
Feng Shui Explanation -- We all feel more productive when we have a view of the living world outside. If you don’t have windows, hang artwork that shows landscapes and growing things.

4. My desk is the perfect size for the amount of work I do, neither too big nor too small.
Feng Shui Explanation -- A desk that is too small makes you feel overwhelmed with the amount of work, while a desk that is too big makes you feel like you aren’t up to the challenge of your job.

5. Everything around me is in good working order, and nothing is broken, dirty, dusty, or needing repair.
Feng Shui Explanation -- When you are surrounded by things that don't work, known as sha chi it will pull down your positive energy and distract you from your work.

6. My desk is clutter-free, and the papers and files in my office or workspace are neatly contained.
Feng Shui Explanation -- In Feng Shui, clutter represents postponed decisions and the inability to move forward. So when your workspace is filled with clutter it’s difficult to get ahead in your job and your business can't prosper.

7. There are no fluorescent lights in my workspace; instead I use desk lamps, floor lamps, or natural lighting.
Feng Shui Explanation -- Overhead fluorescent lights symbolize harsh, cutting Metal Element energy “stabbing” you all day long. Turn off the overheads and you will have better focus.

8. My office or workspace is quiet, peaceful, and relaxed.
Feng Shui Explanation -- When your workshop is noisy and chaotic you can’t concentrate on the work to be done. Play soft music or use a white noise machine to drown out the distractions.

9. The art on the walls of my office has positive meaning and motivates me to be successful in my career or business.
Feng Shui Explanation -- In Feng Shui "you are what you see," so decorate your office or workspace with images that feel abundant, wealthy, and prosperous.

10. There are no sharp corners or large objects pointed at me when I sit at my desk.
Feng Shui Explanation -- Corners are called “poison arrows," and they send harsh energy that makes it unpleasant to be in the space. Block them by placing a plant, object, or furniture between you and the point.

How did your office or workspace rate?

If you scored 7-10 points: Congratulations, your workspace supports you!
If you scored 1-6 points: Consider it a warning signal of negative conditions and make some Feng Shui changes as soon as possible.
If you scored 0: You are surrounded by conditions that can negatively affect your career or your business. Take immediate action and make Feng Shui changes to your office or workspace.

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