Healing Earth Angel Afflictions

Healing  Earth Angel Afflictions
Earth Angels and other intuitive Souls, because the range of what they feel runs so deeply, tend to have thoughts and emotions they feel compelled to hide from the rest of the world. Over time, they can forget that still small voice that needs them the most.

One of the biggest problems for Earth Angels is, they are so busy with everyone else’s problems, they take very little time tending to themselves. For one reason or another, it can seem too much or just not worth the effort.

Earth Angels can be up in arms with the greatest amount of passion for something, defending, aiding, extending themselves for everyone else, yet when it comes to themselves, there's nothing leftover. Slowly, they can begin feeling like a tattered ship lost at sea.

Still, Earth Angels and their like are addicted. They can't help themselves. Nothing upon nothing feels better than healing an open wound, impacting a person's life, deep Soul contemplations and pulling anyone in need, out of harms way.

But, Earth Angels weren’t meant to suffer, day in and day out. Even though they are compelled to place themselves second and in some cases even last to other people's needs, there's a very important vessel that also needs tending to.

Far too often, as a result of their hard work, following their path the Earth Angel can come to a point where in looking back, they feel a type of remorse at their own accomplishments or lack of contentment. And, sometimes, even in doing that, they can feel guilty, as if they are asking for too much.

What I like to do is Mirror work. Because the Earth Angel can have a difficult time making eye contact with their own image, I will usually suggest, if they have it, to sit in front of a full length mirror with a photo of themselves, but as a child. Makeing a connection with a child can be easier.

Looking into the mirror and then at the photo, how would you care for that child? What would you get for that child if you could to give them even one moment of sheer happiness? What guidance would you give them?

I’ve found going for a small dish of chocolate ice cream or a silly fuzzy pillow, much easier to get, when there's a little girl staring back, hugging a miniature white billygoat at a petting zoo. There’s nothing most people wouldn't do. Her drive is love!

From there, you may also want to protect her, give her all of the opportunities she could possibly have, to make the most of the life she has right here.

Whatever it is, it doesn't have to cost much. Maybe, looking at her hopeful smile, we want to simply feed the geese Sunday afternoon or go for a walk when it‘s quiet and we can talk, just be together.

If you get a little emotional, that's alright. Tears are welcomed here. It's the first step in reaching that beautiful Soul, just waiting to be loved, every day, just like you would anyone else.

Karen Elleise
Clairvoyance Editor

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