The Ultimate Twin Baby Registry List

The Ultimate Twin Baby Registry List
Many people have asked me what items parents of twins really need. Do you really need to buy two of everything? Is there a particular product that you should not get, or one that is necessary for twins? Here is my ultimate baby registry list for twins.

Two Boppy pillows really are necessary. Many nursing mothers prefer to have a nursing pillow to tandem feed (I recommend the Bosom Buddy Nursing Pillow), but I find that having two separate pillows is best (for down time as well).

Diaper Caddy: One or two, depending on the size of your home. It is always a good idea to have a couple of changing stations.

6-12 Bottles. I prefer buying only big ones. After your twins are drinking more than 6 ounces, you won't have much use for the small bottles anymore.

4-6 Blankets: Why so many? You have to give yourself some time in between loads of laundry, and those things can get dirty fast.

1-2 Cribs: Here's where it gets tricky. I prefer to have them in the same crib for the first couple of months, but if you prefer two, then make sure that they are convertible cribs that you can later use as toddler beds.

1 Wipe warmer. This is a must have. There is nothing worse than startling a baby with a cold wipe, especially in the middle of the night!

1 Baby Journal: I recommend the Bum2 Twin Baby Journal. It helped most when trying to recall feedings, naps, and vaccinations.

Bibs: You can never have enough of these! The bigger, the better!

1 Playmat: They can take turns using it. There are many playmats out there that are big enough for two but I would definitely just buy one.

Burping pads: You can never have enough of these! Register for at least a dozen or two.

Crib Bedding Set: You will need at least one for each crib and one extra set of sheets in case there are any accidents.

Teething rings: 2 of these are more than enough. Make sure to keep them nice and cold!

1 Bottle Brush and sanitizing kit for bottles.

Bebe Bottle Sling: If you're planning on bottle feeding on your own and plan on getting them on a schedule, this item really helps.

1 Swing: No, you won't need two. They take turns. I made the mistake of buying two and one was never even touched!

1 Vibrating Chair: I love the papasan chairs because they seem so snuggly but any vibrating chair will do. Again, this is an item that you will not need two of. They can take turns using the swing and the vibrating chair.

1 Breast Pump: You can purchase a double pump if you want to pump both at the same time. Make sure you purchase extra filters and storage bags.

2 Pacifiers: This is really up to the parent, but after speaking to a NICU nurse I decided to get them. Babies like to suck and find it soothing.

1 Double Stroller: Choose a stroller that you will be able to use from day one. Whether tandem or side by side, this is a purchase that you should put a lot of thought into.

1 Baby Carrier: There are many baby carriers out there but I recommend the TwinTrexx. Why? You have the option of carrying one or two babies at the same time. Two carriers for the price of one? Why not!

6-8 Pajamas: Do buy some preemie sizes but make sure you don't purchase too many, as these babies will grow faster than a blink of an eye!

2-4 Hats and Socks: If I was grateful for one piece of advice by the nurse at the NICU, it was to always put a hat and socks on the babies at bed time. It helps them sleep a tad bit longer.

Diapers and Wipes: Many. I would start out with at least 2-3 boxes of newborns and the rest size 1. No worries if they grow too soon. Many large retailers will exchange them for bigger sizes if the boxes are unopened.

1 Baby Monitor: Depending on the size of your home you might want to purchase a monitoring system that offers additional cameras for more rooms.

8-10 Onesies: Depending on where you live and what the weather is like, you might want a few more or less, but onesies are always wonderful for day to day routines. Plus, they will be worn under everything during the winter months as well.

2 Car Seats: Make sure to read reviews and possible recalls.

Washcloths: Another item you can never have enough of!

Diaper Bag: Make sure that you select a diaper bag that will accommodate twice the diapers and twice the bottles!

2 Highchairs or a Twin Highchair: Yes, you will need two of these. You will want to feed them at the same time.

1 Bath Tub: You won't need two of these as you will be bathing them one at a time.

Essentials: 1 Shampoo (this will last you a long time), 1 Baby Wash (I prefer something with no fragrance-you don't know if one of the twins will be sensitive), Powder (totally up to you, but I love the smell), 1 Baby Lotion, 1 Diaper Cream/Ointment (I am a “Butt Paste” fan), 1 hair brush, 1 tiny nail clipper, 1 nasal suction, 1 easy to use, instant read baby thermometer, and 1 bottle of baby detergent for the laundry.

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