Are You Ready to Be a Manager?

Are You Ready to Be a Manager?
Remember the Dilbert principle – “The most ineffective workers are systematically moved to a place where they can do the least damage – management.”

Ready or not, employees are promoted to management status on a daily basis. Promotions are often done regardless of whether or not an employee is capable of doing the job as manager. Are you management material? Think you’re ready? Consider your expertise in the following skills:

Motivation – Even in good times, employees need to be motivated. This is especially true during bad times. How are you going to motivate your staff even when you’re not feeling so motivated?

Communication – If you are painfully shy or just don’t like talking to people, management may not be for you. Supervising is not a job for people who do not like communicating. You will need to keep not only your staff informed, but other supervisors and upper management as well.

Coordination – Being a supervisor is not just about organizing and coordinating your own work, suddenly you have the responsibility to coordinate your work and the work of all the employees that you supervise. You may also have projects and meetings which will need to be coordinated as well.

Delegation – You can not do it all. You can try, but it will not work. You need to assess the skill sets of your employees and delegate tasks accordingly. You will need to stretch your employees out of their comfort zone and challenge them with tasks. Does this mean their work will be error free? No. Part of a manager's responsibility is accepting they may get it wrong. You will need to provide constructive criticism to correct the problem, not take the work back.

Human Resources – You may not be the Human Resources department, but you will have a number of HR related tasks to perform. This may include recruiting, interviewing and orientation. To take it a step further, you will also provide training; prepare performance evaluations and a number of other tasks.

Look at the big picture. This goes beyond paying attention to what is going on in your own little world at your own little desk. Being a manager requires, in fact demands, you understand not only your goals, but the goals of the department and the organization. Being a manager means understanding the vision, mission and values of the organization. You need to recognize, not only where you fit, but help your staff to comprehend their role.

Being a manager is more then just a title. It is a responsibility for which the entire success of the organization and its workers depend on. Are you ready for the challenge? Do you see “manager” in your future?

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