Does Feng Shui Work

Does Feng Shui Work
Some people may doubt that moving furniture, changing the color of your walls, or hanging new artwork can effect what flows into your life, but I know from my own experiences with Feng Shui and those of my clients that even the smallest Feng Shui changes can translate into major differences in the quality of your life. In Feng Shui we say that “nothing new flows into your life until you make room for it.” Does Feng Shui work? Here are some examples of how Feng Shui has helped to attract wealth, harmony, and love. Many clients have shared with me their own success stories of how small changes had big results.

First, my own story. Last week I deleted more than 2,000 e-mails from the “sent” folder. I’m consistent about deleting my junk mail folder and emptying the trash, but somehow the sent folder just sat there accumulating messages. So, practicing what I preach, I archived some of the e-mails, deleted the rest, and emptied the trash. Then I stood back to see what would flow in to take their place. Within 48 hours I received e-mails requesting Feng Shui consultations from clients in a location I was planning to visit, but hadn’t advertised yet.

Lila was feeling like her life was on hold when she called me for her consultation. The first thing I noticed was that she had too much stuff everywhere. “I must tell you that I've only made a few changes in my apartment,” Lila said after our session. “Most important I got rid of the pile of newspapers on my kitchen counters, moved the overflowing laundry basket out of my bedroom, and replaced the dead plants, and now things are flowing much better. My apartment has a much more peaceful feel to it. I've also noticed that little things are happening, like I push the button for the elevator and it arrives instantly, or a parking spot opens up right in front of me.

Dara was looking for love and having little success in meeting a special someone. She lived in a small apartment, and the only place for her desk and computer was in the Relationship Area. Since Dara spent a lot of time at her computer, I suggested she place two red candles on her desk to activate the Feng Shui Fire Element, which represents passion and emotion. I urged her to make sure that the candles were touching each other, rather than separated, to send the message she was ready for a relationship. Within a few weeks of making the changes, Dara had started dating a wonderful man she met through an online dating service.

My client Belinda felt like she was passed over for promotions at work, and when I arrived for her consultation the first thing I noticed was that she had no artwork on the walls. I explained to her how staring at blank walls represents staring at a blank future, and we talked about the kinds of art she should hang in each area of her home.

“I made almost 90% of the changes you suggested," Belinda wrote, "and here’s what happened. The areas I wanted to focus on the most were the career and wealth areas. I was promoted at work with an increase in my overall compensation packages of $10,000. And most important, I love my new job."

Does Feng Shui work? Here is one more of my own success stories to help you make up your mind. When I start working with a new client, I always create a red folder. Even though I do keep track of my clients electronically, I still create the folders in order to bring the powerful attributes of the Fire Element color red to “fire-up” the client's life. Since I have offices in two different regions of the country, I had been buying boxes of 500 red folders and moving half of them to each office. One day it hit me that by splitting the box of folders, I was splitting my business. I immediately bought full boxes of folders for each office. The result was a powerful doubling of requests for consultations in both areas.

Does Feng Shui work? Try it for yourself. Read the articles on the BellaOnline Feng Shui site, make some changes in your home or workplace, then post your success story in the Feng Shui forum.

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