Feng Shui Advice

Feng Shui Advice
I’m often asked how I first discovered Feng Shui, and how I began sharing Feng Shui advice with clients, students, and readers. Feng Shui first came into my life when I was a public relations consultant running a successful home-based business. Now, almost 15 years later, I have been sharing Feng Shui advice, coaching, and teaching, writing numerous articles and my book the Feng Shui Quick Guide For Home and Office -- Secrets For Attracting Wealth, Harmony, and Love, giving countless speeches, and participating in television, radio, Internet, and print interviews.

It all began when my friend Jean brought me my first book on Feng Shui, which she picked up from the sale rack at a local bookstore.

“This feng shoe-y is confusing,” Jean admitted (we didn’t know how to pronounce it then). I poured over the complex advice in the Feng Shui book, befuddled by diagrams of baguas, descriptions of flying stars and trigrams, and compass points where south is up and north is down. The more I read, the more confused I became.

“I’m not sure,” Jean cautioned, “but it looks like your desk is facing the wrong direction.” In Feng Shui, the most inauspicious position for a desk is sitting with your back to the door. In this position, your competitors, clients, and colleagues can actually and symbolically catch you off guard. The symbolism is obvious -- things go on behind your back.

And there I was, sitting with my back to the door facing the two windows. So, to humor my friend, we turned around my desk so I was facing the door on a diagonal. Off we went to lunch, and I didn’t think much more about Feng Shui.
Two weeks later I signed a contract to consult in Honolulu for a week. And the next thing I knew my laptop and I were on the soft sands of Waikiki as I worked out the finer points of the campaign I would propose to my client. I presented the campaign and the client was pleased. Just how pleased, I was about to find out.

“There’s one more person who needs to hear your advice,” he explained, “but he won’t be back until next Thursday. Can you stay?”

Can I stay?
In paradise for a second week?
In February?

I told him how much it would cost for me to stay another week. “See you next Thursday,” he replied.

The presentation was a success and the campaign was approved.

Back home in the icy Northeast I reflected on my good luck in getting the consulting job in Hawaii. What made it happen? Could it have been the fact that I made one simple change in the placement of my office furniture? So I started reading about Feng Shui and enrolled in a Feng Shui course, and that was all it took -- I was hooked. I continued my studies, earned a Feng Shui practitioner certification from the Feng Shui Institute of America, and have been practicing ever since. Based on my experience with Feng Shui, I have pulled together the basic tools and tips that most people need to make Feng Shui work for them, and I share them through many sources, including these BellaOnline articles. I help show you how to place your stuff -- the stuff you already own and love, and the stuff you want to acquire -- in the right position to bring wealth, harmony, and love into your life.

The awareness that Feng Shui advice gives about how our interior surroundings affect our well-being and success can greatly improve our lives. Feng Shui advice works best when you focus on improving a specific aspect of your life -- such as finding a new romantic partner, increasing your cash flow, or locating the perfect new job. In general, when giving Feng Shui advice, I recommend that you focus clearly on what you want to change, then trust that the universe will bring you exactly what you need, even if that turns out to be something different from what you anticipated.

And remember that the good Feng Shui advice is also good common sense, and when you make Feng Shui changes, you always get what you need -- even if it isn’t what you think you want.

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