World Ocean Day

World Ocean Day
We love our fish and since they originally came from various bodies of water, one of them being the ocean, it makes sense that we care about and love our ocean environments. In fact, many of us fish lovers will enjoy being near the water where we can be one with nature with some of our favorite wet friends when we head out on vacation this summer!

In 1992 in Rio De Janeiro at the Earth Summit, World Ocean Day was created in order to come together in an effort to protect the health of the oceans.

There will be, for example, a World Ocean Day celebration in the San Francisco area on Saturday, June 7 and Sunday, June 8. Check at for events in other areas.

One great thing that this special day tries to encourage is the protection of marine areas. This helps to conserve ocean ecosystems. It is said that the effort to protect marine areas is doing the same thing for the ocean that President Teddy Roosevelt did for the land when he created national parks, forests, and wilderness areas. Now, these areas are thought to be some of America’s greatest legacies. Recently, in one instance, legislation was passed that allowed a 200 mile stretch of water in California from Santa Barbara to San Francisco to become a network of underwater marine protected areas.

Things you can do to help save our oceans and their inhabitants are:

To reduce the effect of global warming on the oceans - walk or cycle! It’s fun!

Don’t use a straw - a lot of them wind up polluting the ocean. If we all did that - it would be millions less plastic straws in the ocean!

Don’t use Styrofoam - it stays in marine environments for a really long time.

If you are vacationing at a lake, a stream, or an ocean - take your trash with you when you leave and dispose of it properly - there are tons of trash polluting our oceans. It creates a very sad situation for the marine life there.

If you’re boating, slow down for ocean wildlife!

Do not release helium or Mylar balloons. They deflate and fall into the water where they kill sea turtles when eaten. (To the turtle, they look like the jellyfish that are a part of their diet.)

Love the ocean and she will love us and all her fishes swimming gleefully through her waves.

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