PS3 320 gig Console Bundle

PS3 320 gig Console Bundle
Remember back when gamers thought 80 gig drives were massive and could never be filled? Now PS3 has a 320 gig console bundle with plenty of space for all your audio, video, and gaming needs.

The bundle is a perfect way to ensure that an active gamer has everything he needs to immerse himself in the fun. I've already reviewed the Move system separately and I enjoy it quite a lot. The camera is quite accurate and you can engage in quite active gameplay that keeps you exercised and entertained. Note that this bundle only comes with ONE controller so you'll want to buy at least one more, if not three more so that you can play with a friend head to head.

There is of course a normal controller for sit-down-on-the-couch playing, and again you'll want to have a second one so a friend can play with you.

We use our PS3 to stream Netflix movies in high quality video and love it as our main video machine. We also play regular DVDs and BluRay DVDs in it. Even though we own a Wii and XBox 360, it's the PS3 we are using most of the time.

If you already have a smaller PS3, is this worth the upgrade? If you don't own a Move system already then I'd say definitely. I adore Move and think it's well worth the price. If you do already own a Move system, depending on how much you use the PS3, it could still easily be worth it to buy the bundle and then just resell the Move components. That larger disc space definitely comes in quite handy.

Are there any down sides to the PS3? Certainly there's always the issues of what games are available on what platform. There are some games that simply are only available on the Wii or the XBox. That's why we own the other consoles. Also, I still lean towards the XBox having the best integrated online experience. XBox has simply done a good job with their Live implementation. But even with that being said, we use the PS3 far more than we use the other units. It runs more quietly. It has more features. If we see games on multiple platforms, we'll go for the PS3 version first.

Well recommended to PS3 fans.

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