Baby Babies Dream Symbol

Baby Babies Dream Symbol
A baby is a new life but what does this new life bring to the dreamer? We often refer to many things as "our babies" including pets, projects and even cars. What is the new baby in your waking life?

Are you gestating a new idea or project? Is there someone or something you need to protect? It is important to consider your feelings in these baby dreams.

Sometimes, the baby represents an aspect of yourself. Here are some common dream scenarios involving babies:

Common baby dreams
Seeing a baby. Consider which aspect of yourself to be still innocent and naïve. Are you feeling vulnerable? Hopeful? Reflect upon what the positives are for you in your freshness (in a relationship, on the job, etc.) and how you can be open to growth and learning.

Giving birth to a healthy baby.Confidence in current project. Good sign for positive results on the way.
Giving birth to a stillborn infant. A project, after much labor, may not produce desired results.
Giving birth to a disabled or deformed child.Project will come with challenges to be faced.

Baby talking.Your project will spur ideas of its own. Be receptive to what this baby is telling you. It may come with a warning or suggestion. Could your inner child be trying to tell you something?
Smiling baby.Project will have a positive result.
Nursing or feeding a baby. Continuing to "grow" the project.
Overfeeding or underfeeding a baby. Giving too much to a project is wasteful and ineffective, not the optimum for the work at hand. Not giving enough will starve the project to death.
Changing a baby's diaper. Attending to the project's less appealing but necessary tasks and needs. Assuming responsibility. Also this symbol encourages dreamer to take personal responsibility for his child-like habits.
A crying baby. Project needs attention.
A lost baby. Having misplaced priorities. Not seeing the forest for the trees. Focusing on the wrong details. Missing the purpose.
Dancing baby. Someone may be manipulating the project to make it appear better than it actually is.
Laughing baby. Positive outcome for project. A reminder to allow yourself to lighten up and good things will result.
Falling baby. Project in precarious state. Be on guard!
A baby in a pram or carriage or stroller. Allowing the project to develop at its own pace; feeling a time of leisure.
Christianing a baby. Wanting to protect this project.
Miscarrying. Being unable to see this project to fruition or completion.
Aborting a baby. Ending the project in its early stages.

Baby is being kidnapped. Fearing someone will steal your idea or project.
Seeing a baby being attacked by animals. Much opposition to this project.
Killing a baby. Destroying an idea, sabotage.
An abandoned baby. Giving up on an idea.
Many babies in a nursery. Many potential new ideas are being nurtured.

Dreaming about specific babies
Is the baby in your dream related to a person you know, even yourself?
Miscarriage. Fears of miscarrying the baby or that the mother may not be up to parenting duties.
Aborted baby. Fears of mother or others in the baby's life rejecting the baby.
Losing a baby.One of the most common nightmares new mothers or fathers have involve losing a baby. This is rooted in our primal human instincts and one of our worst fears as a parent. Nightmares such as these serve to heighten our awareness of our child-rearing and thus prepare us to be more vigilant.

Possible supernatural events
Seeing a deceased loved one holding a baby. Our loved ones on the other side often care for the family babies that have also passed on or those who are awaiting birth. It is not unusual to dream of them enjoying their time together.
Seeing babies or baby faces floating. The spirits of unborn or aborted babies can get earthbound in unusual cases. Sensitives can "see" these ethereal forms in both dream and waking state.

Common baby sayings or idioms
"Don't throw out the baby with the bathwater."
"It's like taking candy from a baby (easy)."
"Slept like a baby."
"A baby is God's opinion that the world should go on." ~Carl Sandburg

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