Giving Indoor Cats the Benefits of the Outdoors

Giving Indoor Cats the Benefits of the Outdoors
Cats are wonderful companions. They are able to live outside, but also indoors. Many pet owners will have their cats declawed if they plan on keeping their cats indoors permanently. This prevents any clawing of the furniture or possible scratches to those living there.

Most cats love the feel and sounds of the outdoors. They look out the windows wishing they could run and chase the birds. They also want to feel the sunshine. It would not be safe to just let them outside most places without the protection of their claws. Other cats or dogs in the neighborhood could prove fatal if they were to attack your defenseless pet. If you lived out in the country, you still should not let them out as wild animals could attack such as a fox or coyote. What can pet owners do to have the benefits of an indoor declawed cat, but give them the opportunity of the outdoors?

Here are some things you might try:
  • Only if you feel they will cooperate, try holding them as you sit outside for short times. If they start to feel restless, you should bring them in.
  • A harness with collar can give you the option to take your cat for walks. Remember, if it is really hot or cold on your bare feet, the same will hold true for your pet’s paws, so take caution.
  • Put your cat in a carrier or cage that can sit outside.
  • There are also now Strollers that are meshed/netted that you can walk your cat, similar to how a mother walks her baby.
  • Outdoor Systems have been specially designed for your indoor cat to be outside. They sell them in very small sizes all the way to big gazebos!

As you take your cat outside, there are things you need to be aware of. On their website, Drs. Foster & Smith Pet Supplies give the following warnings on the dangers of the outside to an inside cat:
  • diseases
  • poisons
  • predators
  • parasites
  • accidents
  • cruelty
  • fights
  • lost

This guest article was written by Tina Sansone, BellaOnline's Genealogy Editor.

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