Earth Angels and Dysfunctional Relationships

Earth Angels and Dysfunctional Relationships
Anything from a disastrous relationship to a series of misfortunate events, you name it the Earth Angel will have to learn to actively steer themselves out of troubled waters!

Why is it that those of us who want nothing more than to help people and are often accurate in warning others about dangerous pitfalls, can't see A, B and C. coming in our own? It really is a fair question and if asked, will usually respond with, “I just can’t sit still long enough for the good guys to catch up with me."

The truth is, there is a little bit of free will involved, an addiction to helping anyone or anything crossing my path in need and where my attention is at the time. And since I'm in the service of helping others, rarely am I focussed on the best environment for myself. Certainly somewhat of a downfall at times.

The irony is that Earth angels, genuine healers and visioneers, although, driven to help others, truly could make leaps and bounds if they took extra precautions taking that same passion dealing with their own.

It goes to say, that with any one of our lives, a supportive environment is a healthy addition, but particularly if you are working with psychic gifts or any other self-awareness program in regards to healthy and long-term relationships, essential!

Whether we accept it as truth or not, on this plane, we are living in a dense atmosphere with governing physical natural laws. One of these laws happens to be opposition. Notice nothing moves or regenerates without its polar opposite and just because we‘re working on a personal level, this law doesn‘t fall short of delivering adversities.

What does this all mean? Well, as sure as I’m sitting here, I know that something as simple as making a personal attempt to go to the bathroom, work actively on the computer or begin preparing for a given class, somehow, someway, something will intercept my efforts. Whether it’s a phone call, door bell, stubbed toe, neighbor or family member, what I pursue with internal enthusiasm seems to attract an attempt on it’s creative life. Many already recognize this as “Murphy’s Law.” By far, this falls and even more vehemently, with personal relationships.

We are in fact fine-tuning a working relationship with frequencies, vibrations and our environment. This in turn puts out an almost honing device for those in need or negative personalities, similar to moths drawn to a window light in the evening. This is why people with empathetic gifts often find themselves in dysfunctional relationships and even born into family settings having dysfunction of their own.

The only love fully worth giving is one we have for ourselves. What it is, on any levels, whether in respect to our own self worth or that of others will inevitable return like a honing pigeon to its roost.

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