Moc Chau Plateau

Moc Chau Plateau
Moc Chau Plateau Tea

Lots of people love to travel. Some people not only travel, some want to go to untraveled areas of the world. Most of those travelers want to discover something new for themselves that perhaps not many before them have done.

Interestingly enough, tourism recently in the country of Vietnam has been steadily increasing. Vietnam has many lush green areas. However, rice fields can be seen visually
as far as one can see.

High up in the northern part of the western province of Son La, stands a wonderful lush green plateau. This plateau has become a respid for many a weary traveler especially from the near by city of Ha Noi. The name of the plateau is Moc Chau. The terrain is sloping and rambling hills provide cooling breezes. This helps keep the area cooler than the surrounding cities. The Moc Chau Plateau is the largest in all of Vietnam.

There is a wonderful secret in the rambling hillsides. The plateau is home to some 3000 tea gardens! It is a lush green area compared to many of the surrounding arid countryside.
It is not only a place to purchase tea; one can be completely immersed in tea by becoming a farmhand.

Tours take the travelers to have a chance to work in the tea fields and processing house.
The tours take the attendees to view the tea plants/and bushes that are at least 50 years old. The tea farmhands will give a seminar and then lessons on the special nuisances of being the ultimate tea plucker. Once the lesson is completed, visitors are encouraged to join the pluckers. The tourists will even eat in the lunchrooms as those regular tea pluckers.

Side by side, your tea plantation visit will require learning quite quickly, and one needs to develop a quick skill and the endurance that is required to do the job. Being a tea plantation farmhand is hard work.

In the Moc Chau Plateau tea leaves may be harvested continually for nine months; from April through December. April is known as the first flush time. In the Moc Chau Plateau, the plantation believes the times of 9 am through 3 pm are the absolute best time to pick.

If the traveler considers continuing on with the tour, it will take place inside the processing plant, and then finally the tour concludes with a cup of hot tea.

The common varieties of Moc Chau tea are: Black tea, Oolong, Kim Tuyet and Shan Tuyet. Shan Tuyet is an indigenous tea plant/bush and is found in the high Northern Uplands. And is considered its rarest and most expensive tea. Kim Tuyen is grown closer to Myanmar. While the weather is tropical, the surrounding Moc Chau Plateau is
very temperate and is about 68 decrees.

If you are traveling, stop in at Moc Chau Plateau, become a temporary farmhand, and have a cup of tea.

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