When a Secret is Good - Keep it to Yourself

When a Secret is Good - Keep it to Yourself
Respect in the workplace is important. While you may consider your life to be an open book, there is certain information you just don’t want to share. Knowing what and what not to share is all about professionalism. Here are a few secrets better kept to yourself (don’t even share with your best co-worker “friend”).

The steamy details of your love life. Believe it or not, some things should just not be shared in the workplace and your relationship with your significant other ranks high on the list. You thought you were just sharing it with one person? Are you really that naïve?

The lunch time confession of a one night stand to your co-worker in the next cubicle or the latest argument with your spouse will travel around the office and back to your desk before you even roll back up to your monitor. If you don’t want to see it on the front page of a newspaper, keep your tabloid worthy love life to yourself.

HIPAA protects for a reason. There are many laws regarding discrimination against employees. Unfortunately, your co-workers are only human. Some are just plain ignorant about which diseases are communicable and which are not. You say flu, they say Typhoid fever. Unless you want people to start steering a wide berth around you, they don’t need to know about your illnesses or visits to the doctor.

What about the psychiatrist helping get you through a rough period? People at work can be downright cruel. Rumors and innuendos have hurt many innocent reputations. Getting help is important, but a mean spirited co-worker can undo the best help.

Were you whispering to your co-workers about your supervisor? After all, they won’t tell. Right? Once the word spreads, and it will, the damage may be irreparable. Wave goodbye to your promotion.

Are you planning to “get your supervisor back" by quitting? You probably don’t see anything wrong with letting your boss know that you’re unhappy and plan to take the very next job offer that comes along. This may be a secret you definitely want to keep, otherwise you may find yourself jobless a lot quicker then you bargained for. Unless you’re a superstar, threats never really work well. So if you’re not, don’t share your “gotcha” exit strategy.

There are times when secrets are best kept just that - a secret. Divulging too much information can ruin your reputation, cost you a promotion or even your job. The next time you’re tempted to “share”, push the fast forward in your mind and perhaps keep that secret to yourself.

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