Enlightenment of Spirit

Enlightenment of Spirit
One thing that we take with us when we pass from this world to the next is our Spirit. Actually it is the only thing we take with us. We leave the physical body and all it's excess baggage here on earth to return to where we originally came from. As beings who thirst for knowledge this is something that comes easy for most of us. We hunger to know more about Spirit and what’s on the other side or other plane of existence.

Enlightenment is the acceptance and complete awareness of Spirit and what it involves. It involves the release of earthly things such as stress, pain, worry, and confusion. Releasing those human frustrations allows the Spirit to do what it's suppose to do for us. Heal us and "enlighten" us to who we are and what our purpose here on earth really is.

We are Spiritual Beings living a Human Existence. We came from Spirit and therefore we are Spirit. Once here on earth we are born and evolve in the human way to learn, grow and understand "Life".

Our time here is a learning process, one that will help us when we ascend to the next level or plane of existence. There we will have the opportunity to be guides and help other on their paths of learning or we can continue our own path through reincarnation of Spirit.

Enlightenment is the moment of complete awareness of your surroundings, what's happening there and how it is only superficial and material. Enlightenment is the moment of acceptance to release all your pain and suffering to God. It is the understanding and acceptance that there is really more to just getting up at five in the morning and going to bed at ten every night.

Once a person can accept that there is more to life than sorrow, pain, unhappiness, and bitterness they will be able to move closer to the knowledge of the Higher Power. They will understand the meaning of Enlightenment. Once we are able to accept that we are light and love we can then move toward working through all those lessons human life presents to u.

We are trained or conditioned from birth to do things a certain way, say things a certain way and believe things in a certain way. Once we move past the conditioning stages of what we have been taught, once we move past and become responsible for our choices, we can begin to see how letting go of hatred and forgiving can heal our Spirit and how life is more worthy of living than when it is repressed with pain.

Yoga, meditation, relaxation therapy and natural health choices are all great ways to help yourself on the path to enlightenment. Healthy choices for the physical body as well as the emotional and mental areas will give you the added ammunition to remove the negative and bring forth the positive elements needed to attain your goal.

Remembering, "Body, Mind, and Spirit" all together make "One".

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