Creative Ways to Compliment Your Staff

Creative Ways to Compliment Your Staff
What is the mark of a good leader? Not only acknowledging their employees but also the ability to offer a sincere compliment for a job well done. So often supervisors walk into work and throw a perfunctory “hello” to any staff standing in the path to their office, then bury their heads in their computer screen for the rest of the day. Unfortunately the staff is left to function on their own for the balance of the day, without a clue as to whether or not they are doing a good job. The result is a manager who wonders why performance is low and morale is even lower.

Many supervisors fail to realize a comment, even as simple as a compliment, can go a long way. The standard compliments such as, “Good job, “I’m proud of you,” or even “Thanks a lot,” are so passé they mean as little to the receiver as they do to the giver. It’s time to find more creative ways to make the compliments more personal and meaningful.

Consider that the majority of the employees work hard on a daily basis to complete difficult projects. Immediate recognition and compliments will increase productivity and boost morale. Compliments can help organizations achieve excellence. How can you help your organization gain excellence through compliments?

Share the ideas of your staff with the rest of the organization. What greater compliment can you pay someone then share their good ideas with others? This is especially true if the idea can save company money or help boost the morale of fellow employees. Sharing their ideas with others in the organization shows you value the ideas and suggestions of your staff.

If funds allow, purchase treats on a Friday afternoon or Monday morning. Bring in bagels, donuts, pizza or if you’re health conscious, bring a tray of fresh fruits and veggies. When your staff asks why, tell them you wanted to show your appreciation.

There are many small creative ways to compliment staff that go beyond, “Thanks a lot.” You can be specific in your “thanks.” Here is a list of specifics to thank your staff for:

Willingness to take risks
Willingness to receive criticism constructively
Willingness to help others
Making my job easier

There are many ways to compliment and thank your staff. Even something as simple as acknowledging life events such as birthdays, marriages and grandkids is a way to compliment your staff by respecting them and understanding they have a life outside of work. Compliments will help you make connections with your staff.

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