The Flinch Book Review

The Flinch Book Review
Have you ever wanted to light a fire under your butt to burn away the things that you fear and the thoughts that keep you from moving forward? Well, you can’t really strike a match and burn away fear and other self imposed limitations, but you can read The Flinch by Julien Smith.

This new book shows you how to look fear in the eye and move past it instead of running away from it.

I downloaded the free book, which is a part of the Domino project, onto my Kindle app for the Ipad and read the whole thing this morning. I knew as soon as I read the first chapter, that I wanted to tell you about it.

The Flinch, is a book for all of us. No matter where you are in the journey of life. Something, be it family, business, or just keeping your work space in order makes you flinch. But, what do you do about it? At times in my life I’ve been a master flincher. If one could win trophies or black belts or some other form of a prize for flinching, I’d have a room full of shinning trinkets won by showing off my flinching skills! I didn’t know I was flinching. Not until today, as I read the words on a page that correctly diagnosed my condition. It all made sense. I’ve been flinching. According to Smith, we learn to flinch; and we can learn not to flinch.

In this book, Smith just gives it to you straight. He tells you what, why, and how you flinch and then gives you a few crazy ways that you can begin to move past flinching. You will find that behind flinching is something better than you have now. I know, remember, I’m the master flincher!

Yesterday, before reading this book, I would have felt a bit embarrassed to admit that I’m a big flincher. But, today, no such thoughts cross my mind. Yesterday I was immobilized by the condition, today I’m catapulted to a new reality by it.

Flinching keeps you from doing your very best work and showing up to be the best you know how to be in the world. But, what if you could do your most brilliant work? What if you shared your most amazing love with the world? Or, what if you did or made something super great? How would the world around you change? Only you can answer those questions. You’ll want to ask and answer questions like these after reading this well written, courageous work by Julien Smith. Notice, I didn’t say inspiring, I’ve been inspired a lot and this is not that. This is a call to courage.

Read The Flinch, you can download it today, it’s free for a while, it’s a great read that will move you forward if you embrace the message and do the work.

Once you read it, pass it on to the people in your life. Read the book, do something great and remember not to flinch.

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