Organize iPad Apps and Screens

Organize iPad Apps and Screens
If you are like me you have gone

If you are like me you have gone app crazy on your iPad and now it is time to cleanup, weed-out and organize all your apps to make finding and using your apps easier. There are several methods to help organize all your apps on your iPad – these include folders, the dock and Home screens. Below are instructions on how to use all of the methods to gain control of your app addiction!


Create Folders 

One method way to organize your apps on the iPad is to create folders which will group apps together by category in a folder. When the folder is created it is named using the category of the apps that were used to create the folder. For example, if you create a folder using two game apps the folder will be called Arcade. Once the folder is created the names can be changed.


  • To create a folder press on the app that you want to add to the folder until it starts to jiggle. Drag the icon over a different app icon and release to create a new folder. At this point you are able to rename the folder to a name of your liking.  

  • To add a program to an existing folder press on the app you want to move until it jiggles and then drag and release over the desired folder. 

  • To remove a program from a folder press on the app you want to remove until it jiggles then drag to new destination.

 Press the Home button to exit.


Add Apps to Dock 

The Dock is the area at the bottom of the iPad screen that holds apps for easy access. This tray is static – that is regardless of what home screen you are on the apps on the tray or dock stay the same. This makes the tray useful for keeping all of you most used apps easily accessible.


As you know the iPad does come with a standard set of apps already on the tray but you can easily customize the tray to hold up to six of your favorite apps. To remove or add apps to the tray press an app until it jiggles. Then drag apps either off or on to the tray place in the desired order.


Press the Home button to exit.


Home Screens

The main screen that is displayed on your iPad is called the Home screen it contains the basic apps that come with your iPad. But did you know you can have up to 11 Home screens that you can customize to your liking?


To create an additional Home Screen hold an app until it jiggles then drag to the right edge of the screen until the new Home Screen appears. Release the app and it is now part of the second Home Screen. To add additional apps repeat the procedure above. To create additional Home screens go to the last Home screen and repeat above procedure.


To move between the different Home screens flick left or right to scroll between the screens. To return to the first Home screen press the Home button.

The dots above the Dock show how many Home screens are created on the iPad. You can also use these dots to navigate between the different Home screens.


Remove an App

 At some point everyone install an app that they just don’t like or decide that they don’t have a use for anymore. It is easy to remove such apps from the iPad which will provide more space and a cleaner desktop.


To remove on app press until it jiggles. Click on the black x in the upper left corner to delete the app. A confirmation box will appear asking you to confirm the delete action. Click on Delete to confirm the deletion of the app.


Press the Home button to exit.



Now you are an expert on keeping all your apps organized and easily accessible – enjoy!

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