New Year's Themed Math Problems

New Year's Themed Math Problems
Ring in 2012 with these fun math problems your homeschooler will enjoy doing. These are geared for children in grades three through five, but they can be adapted for a wide range of grade levels by substituting addition for multiplication, etc.

1. The Walton family bought a box of party hats to wear for their New Year's Eve party. The box contained 150 party hats of all styles. The Walton's invited 67 friends to their big bash, telling each person they could bring one guest. Are there enough hats for all of the potential guests? Will there be any leftover? If so, how many?

2. Round 2011 to the nearest ten, hundred and thousand.

3. Jane's grandma was born in 1932. How old will she be in January 2011?

4. There will be a magnificent fireworks show in the town of Winter Springs on New Years Eve. The show is planned to last for 1 hour and 12 minutes. If the show will start at 7:45 pm, what time will it end?

5. The Blakely family plans to attend the fireworks show in Winter Springs this year. If they leave their house at seven o'clock, and the stadium is 47 miles from their home, will they arrive on time? Estimating they can drive a mile in about a minute, what time should they leave to arrive on time?

6. In 2011 Cheryl worked very hard in her math studies. However, her test scores were as follows:

What is Cheryl's average for her Fall 2010 semester? What is the median score she obtained? What is her range of scores?

7. Kevin and his mother baked a celebration cake for New Years Eve. Kevin ate one third of the cake, his mother also ate one third of the cake. What fraction of the cake did they both eat? What fraction of the cake was left?

8. The party horns cost 46 cents each at the corner store. Leslie and her mother need to buy 12 horns, but they only have $2.23. Do they have enough money? If not, how much more money will they need to purchase twelve horns?

Enjoy the New Year of 2012!

Here are some great math resources for the new year of homeschooling:

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