Wealth Talismans - Second book extract

Wealth Talismans - Second book extract
The excerpt from my wealth magick book generated a lot of interest in a time when many people need a bit more cash. Here is a second instalment focusing specifically on wealth talismans to help readers bring a bit more financial stability to their lives

"Talismanic magick is a very wide field since what is called a talisman varies from region to region even within the same country. Sometimes they are natural objects from nature such as stones with a naturally occurring hole in them, or a root shaped like a person. Other times they are pages from a special book, or diagrams copied from one of the books supposed to be used by mages of the Middle Ages such as “The Key Of Solomon”.

When dealing with so many apparently unconnected items the trick is to look for the principles that underlie the construction of the talisman, how it is charged, and how it is used. Taking things right back to basics the classical talisman is generally regarded as a battery-come-magnet that, once charged, attracts the desired objective or situation or repels the negative one. I like to think of it as any item that through psychological or magickal means increases the likelihood of a desired outcome.

Some items used as talismans work by ‘putting pressure on the astral plane’ or acting as ‘strange attractor’ – a Chaos magick term. Both terms refer to the dramatic and immediate effect that focused belief, be it conscious or unconscious, can have in aiding in manifestation.

A classic example of this has just happened at my workplace. One of the staff asked me where he could get some Citrine as he had it was good for wealth attraction. I gave him the address of a couple of good ‘crystal shops’ and he got what he wanted one lunch time. Since then he has had a string small (about the price of a reasonable meal) lottery wins, gifts of money from relatives, and people paying back money they owed from years ago. Nothing big, but enough to keep things ticking over nicely. This is without any strong belief in magick, or attachment to a particular spiritual path, but it does show what can be done with a correctly chosen talisman that is right for that person.

With a talisman the art of placement is very important, but not as important as applying reason to the positioning. Some people follow a particular system slavishly and then wonder why they get no results. Such systems have grown up over years and are usually rooted in particular cultures that the person might not be able to relate to. The idea “Move your sofa – fill your purse” is a gross oversimplification of how these things work. Rather than being like pushing a button to have wealth just appear in your life with no effort, a correctly sited talisman both acts as a money magnet on the inner plane and on your mind holistically to lead you into thinking in a more profitable manner.

For example Rico DaFrog, one of our main wealth talismans, is a brass frog who lives by our front door and attracts wealth. He stands about six inches tall and is a moneybox where you put the coins in his mouth. On the enchantment side he has been blessed in a ritual that was a combination of Feng Shui and High Ritual Magick, is ritually cleansed every new moon (Folk Magick), and is thanked every time some money from an unexpected source comes in – or we have a particularly good day – which encourages the growth of a thought form focused on bringing us wealth as part of Rico.

On the practical/psychological front “Rico” means “Rich” in Spanish, this is emphasized by his lovely golden colour and by the three Chinese coins tied with red ribbon held in his mouth. In addition to the symbolic money we ‘feed’ him any excessive loose change that would otherwise be an inconvenience, wearing holes in our clothes or making our purses too bulky. It’s surprising how fast this mounts up, becoming a useful level of money to add to our savings and investments.

Rico’s prominent presence also reminds us that we do have money coming in nearly every day and keeps us focused on the positive. Polishing him regularly also keeps us on top of the space cleansing that is so vital to keeping our major talisman – our home – in good order.

Moneyboxes – especially novelty ones - make excellent wealth talismans, particularly if you use them as noted above. It is the association with the item that makes them so effective and this can be directed by personal choice or cultural influence. Some people have had good results with the traditional large empty whisky bottle or water cooler bottle, particularly when the level of the coins starts to mount up significantly."

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