Overbearing Parent - Obsessive Daughter

Overbearing Parent - Obsessive Daughter
Overbearing parent? Could you be turning your daughter into an obsessive or abusive child? Find out how and how to curtail it or stop it.

An overbearing parent to a daughter has its advantages and disadvantages. The impact of a girl can either help build up her character or tear it down. Yes raising a daughter in this day and age can be a dog eat dog world sometimes. And yes you want your daughter to be able to ethically and morally be able to make good choices independently without having to pay dearly for them. And let’s not forget you also want her to be the best she can be.

But have you ever wondered what the effects of this could do? Because girls can be more emotionally driven. I caution you. While you, are focusing on being more critical -than supportive in all of her efforts via school or home. You neglect to realize how damaging this could be to her confidence in herself.

This could cause her to lower her standards in all aspects of her life in fear that she may disappoint you the parent. Girls will always seek for approval at a very young age. At this time she will strive to be the best she can be at all levels thinking she has to continue to be better than her last best.

The end result could lead to an unhealthy obsession in all of her abilities. She may start to think that everything has to be done perfectly. At some point she may tire and completely reach a boiling point. Giving up will become her best friend and achieving will be her worst enemy.

Pretty much all of her efforts will start to be pointless. Her academics, sports abilities and hobby interests will be a thing of the past. Her self-esteem and confidence level could result into risky behaviors. As she proceeds into adult hood, relationships and employment may be unstable.

Take a good look at this next sentence and tell me what comes to mind. “Your daughter learns that by obeying all of your overbearing requests she will be loved”. As an adult she’ll continue to pursue this same activity in her relationships just to be loved.

I get it. You want to raise well rounded, well adjusted, mature, responsible young adults. Who will succeed in the professional world without the assistance of others! Making all the right choices and being able to live with it.

It’s okay to be critical but be more supportive. She’s not you getting a second chance at life - because you get it now. She has to make her own mistakes and learn from them. She has to fall so that she will learn to get up. She has to not get some things mentally so that she can get it physically.

Girls by nature are great achievers and explorers. Making a difference is always her goal. She lives to be creative. Where she learns - has no walls! And reaching for the sky is not an option for her.

Let her live for today so that she can make our tomorrows a better place.

Live, Laugh and Love
“Making a difference in the world one person at a time”

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