What Is God?

What Is God?
God is:

• Forgiver
• Most Merciful
• Redeemer
• Almighty
• Most Wise
• Appreciative
• Omniscient
• Hearer
• Knower
• Pardoner
• Omnipotent
• Compassionate
• Most High
• Judge
• Omnipresent
• Most Honourable
• Provider
• Most Great
• Alpha
• Omega
• Outermost
• Innermost
• Master of the Day of Judgement
• Lord of the universe
• Most Gracious
• Eternal
• The One

These definitions do not give us a visual image of the Creator but an insight into the nature of God.

God is the Controller of everything around us, that which we can see and that which we cannot.

God is neither male nor female. God is not made of flesh and bone that withers and dies. God wants only the best for His creations and all but humans and jinns submit willingly to God alone.

God is forgiving but also punishes us for the sins we commit. God made humans and jinns to worship Him alone so that we can return to Him, while Satan wishes for us to follow him to Hell.

God gave human beings the freedom to choose which path to follow but God tells us in all of His scriptures that submission to God alone is the only religion accepted.

God sustains Earth, the universes and everything that lives within the boundary. When the time is right God gives life and takes life. Everything has a time limit and everything returns to God.

God knows the innermost secrets of every soul that has existed, exists and is to come. Everything that has and will happen is known to God. Nothing escapes His attention.

God does not wish anything bad to happen to any of his creations but the human being is ruled by its ego. God gives us advice through His scriptures on how to live a peaceful, harmonious life here on the only planet He made habitable for us.

God only wants good for us all. God is a caring Creator who has no need for us. God created us for a purpose but most of us are oblivious to what it is.

It is God who provides the inspiration for mankind to move forward in life, but it seems the only thing moving forward is technology. God knows everything down to a leaf falling from a tree or a rocket fired into space. God knows when we lie.

God warns us that after the death of our earthly vessels there will be punishment for the souls who abandon the way of God in favour of Satan. They will be banished from the presence of God and spend eternity in Hell. For those who follow God alone they are promised an eternity near God in Paradise.

What more do we need to know about God?

Chapter 31, verse 26
To God belongs everything in the heavens and the earth. God is the Most Rich, Most Praiseworthy.

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