Why We Need God

Why We Need God
The human being likes to thinks it is infallible when in truth we are the most unreliable of God’s creations. We believe we can control our destiny when in fact we do not know what could happen to us in the next moment. We could die on the spot if it is our fate and nobody could stop it from happening. When our time on Earth is up we do not get a moment longer.

The human being is a creature with emotions and the brains with which to think and understand what is required of us. God tells us in all the scriptures that we are to worship Him alone yet we rely upon others to fulfil our desires. We are sinful creatures and without God there would be no forgiveness and no salvation.

Chapter 35, verse 14-15
O people, you are the ones who need God, while God is in no need of anyone, the Most Praiseworthy. If He wills, He can get rid of you and substitute a new creation.

God does not need us. He created the human being for a reason and it is to God that humans turn in times of distress and need. Anything bad that happens to us is usually our own fault but anything that comes to pass is according to God’s will.

In this life people will aspire to achieve wealth and success, for good or bad, and no one but God can stop them. If their aspirations are not written down in their book of destiny then nothing they do will bring it about the desired outcome. Everything is preordained.

Humans rely on others to predict the future and in most cases they are either told what they want to hear or hear what they desire. We should be careful looking for significance when there is none. The meaning of life is not what most people want it to be. The meaning of life is to save our souls.

When God says He created jinns and human beings to worship Him alone, people ask why? Worship is food for the soul and without a nourished soul we cannot stand before God on the Day of Judgement. God does not require us to worship Him. He does not need us to sustain Him or feed His ego. God instructs us to worship Him and keep Him in mind always to keep our souls well fed and to protect us.

Who do we need protection from? With the belief in God comes the belief in the devil who tries to pervert anything good especially our belief in God. Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing.

God tells us in the Quran that we are enemies of each other and that the devil and his descendants (the jinns) can see us while we do not see them. They are constantly tempting us with the illusions of the world and trying to lead us away from the path of God. Yet most human beings refuse to believe that jinns and angels exist. The angels pray for our souls while God created both jinns and humans to worship Him alone.

We need God to provide for our needs. Without the variety and abundance of resources found on planet Earth we would not survive. We are like astronauts on a space ship with a life support system. The planet needs regular maintenance and replenishment. Do we believe we sustain the world and provide for all? We are badly misguided and disillusioned by each other. Human beings are slowly tarnishing themselves and the planet yet God could destroy the earth and all of us in the blink of an eye.

There are some things we are not meant to understand. God is in full control of everything. The earth we live on and the universes that surround us would not exist if God had not willed everything into being. God only has to say ‘Be’ and it becomes what is required. Everything has its purpose and everything runs according to God’s plan. Who are we to question this?

Chapter 51, verses 47-48
We constructed the sky with our hands and we will continue to expand it. And we made the earth habitable; a perfect design.

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