Earth Angels, NDE's and Earthly Loneliness

Earth Angels, NDE's and Earthly Loneliness
In a world filled with so many people, it’s ironic we can experience some of the more equally opposing forces of fear and loneliness. Whether a Spiritual Revelation or simply noticing the more Human side of life, is there a reason behind such a curious void?

For some people it’s a painful revelation that can at times consume them wondering if there isn't possibly something wrong with them? Especially if they happen to be intuitive by nature or have had a Spiritual awakening of sorts, they can be even more inclined to be preoccupied by these thoughts while their peers seem uneffected at all!

The world they live and the disconnection they feel and even observe among human beings can be perplexing enough, but as another battle settles in wondering whether or not there’s something wrong with them for noticing and what if anything they can do about it, can be those feelings that really have them doubting their own self-worth or being punished for something they know little about.

Many people who write to me speak of a sadness, a loneliness difficult to describe. Even so, their words are similar as they go on to explain a home- sickness for a place they can barely hold onto. Like a vision, waking from a dream.

Still, no matter, they remain compelled by the lingering memory, feeling it somehow responsible even guiding their Mission as to what they were sent here to do.

What’s so important to understand is that true Spiritual transitions are those that could never leave a person negative or difficient. They harbor only overwhelming positive love and utter Divinity!

Though difficult at times, it's the discomfort living among a more desensitized social plane of existance, with part, at least, of this discomfort being, not understanding why the sensation is there to begin with.

In my work there's another group of individuals I tend to cross paths with. Those who’ve experienced NDE’s (Near Death Experiences). These people relate a similar nostalgia. The difference being only that they name the place they went, HOME, no qualms about it, and desire very much to go back!

These gifted Souls, too, in addition to their longing, have a connectedness!

It isn’t a connection of an idea, it’s The Connection, the connection people meditate, Soul search, and strive past their physical limitations to get to. The Source from which we come!

There's nothing wrong with you, if you happen to be one of these intuitive Souls. You're simply “plugged in” constantly to The Source. Within this Source everything is relevant and know there are even more of you in the making!

Clairvoyance Editor

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