How to Work with an Incompetent Boss

How to Work with an Incompetent Boss
How many times have you ever thought to yourself, “my boss is incompetent?” Did you have to train your boss on how to do their job? Are you convinced that your boss is the ultimate waste of space? Instead of writing them off and vow to find another job by the next day, remember – there are bad bosses every where. Instead of interrupting your career every time, learn how to deal with it. What makes your boss incompetent? Take a moment to pin-point exactly what it is that makes your boss incompetent and try to look at it from another perspective.

If they are always out of the office, ask yourself – how does it affect you? Are you unable to perform your job in the absence of your supervisor? If so, then why? Learn how to go about getting the information you need in order to get the job done. If you need reports, go to the person who actually supplies your boss with the information. If it’s a higher up in the organization, make sure you make the request as professionally as possible. Don’t boss bash your way to getting the information. If handled the proper way, people will come to know who you are, build alliances and create a strong network.

Do you need to teach your boss how to do their job? Run reports? Work with software? Instead of thinking of it as unfair, think of it as getting practice and brushing up on your skills. It’s not unusual for employees to feel used and unappreciated when teaching others how to do a job, especially if it’s someone who passed over them with a promotion. What you’re gaining is a lesson in team work. It will make an excellent story during your next job interview if told the right way.

Take a moment to determine if the problem is really your boss or is it masking dissatisfaction with your job. Sometimes unhappiness is projected at the easiest target – the employer.

Ultimately, your career is your responsibility. It’s not your boss’ or your co-worker's responsibility. Complaining about your boss may feel good, but it does not help. At some point you need to stop complaining and take a more productive approach to the situation. Bottom line is that your boss’ incompetence, in fact, is your opportunity to shine. If you “play your cards right” others in the organization will see not only your skills, but your loyalty to the organization creating a win-win situation for your career.

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