A Daughter’s Voice to Remember

A Daughter’s Voice to Remember
What’s in a voice? A voice defines you. A voice allows you to be heard. A voice gives you your own opinion. A voice is given at birth – how you use it matters for the rest of your days. Take a look at how you can help her understand her voice and to make it better.

Parent’s often look at their baby daughter wondering what she’ll be after she grows up. Will she be like us the parent’s, will she help others or will she be successful. All are valid questions without wondering what voice will she have in the world?

Girls typically are known to be mild and meek. Quiet and sensitive – or even shy and gullible. And let’s not forget caring and trusting. Once again all are valid. With the day and age of today you want more for your daughter – such as the ability to be a successful person. To be able to make a difference in the world! To be able to choose the career of her choice and maintain it.
You as the caregiver have the ability to help her understand the gift of speech. You also have the ability to assist her with better understanding what her potential is.

The sky is the limit. And that she has the ability to be just about anything she sets her mind at even the impossible. Or, how about she can make a difference in the world! (my favorite). All are – I think you know – valid statements. She can be a great leader and follower. But be a thinker as well as a doer.

How do you get her their? By letting her know that she can be strong and independent! Mild and meek - but with a better voice. All girls are made differently. It has a lot to do with her surrounding area. Her house hold. Her culture. Her beliefs and her country.

With the world changing as often as it does - so must our ways of living. With change comes our way of thinking. The world is changing daily whether we want it to or not. We are changing the world each day whether we see it or not.

At birth she should be allowed to cry within reason. As a child she should be presented with choices daily. She should assist with daily household routine – from cooking to cleaning. She should be a part of some decision making for the family. She should be aware of what’s going on in the household and how it affects the family – minus the scare. She should have an understanding of money and saving as well as spending.

Buy her small stock and watch it rise and fall. Open an account at a credit union for her and add weekly as she earns. Develop different ways of earning money for her – such as lawn work, lemonade stand or animal service. Teach her about her culture and how it has changed over the years and how she can make a difference.

Ask her about problems that may be going on in school – and how she would handle it differently. Ask her to come up with a school suggestion box for students to be able to voice their opinion without the attention to self.

See if she can suggest how kids can contribute to the community if the school sits in a neighborhood. See if she can do volunteer work in her community with the families involvement. Yes you have to lead by example.

These are a few suggestions to helping her develop her own voice. Her own independence and build her character at the same time. With the world changing daily and having its own opinion – shouldn’t she?

Teach her the old ways and the new ways. Show her your ways and let her develop her ways with boundaries. Let her be different – dare her to be different with boundaries. Encourage her to inspire while being inspired. Teach her to walk before she can crawl.

All girls should have a voice – make sure she has one – a strong one!

Live, Laugh and Love
“Making a difference in the world one person at a time.”

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