Grid Racing Game - PS3 Review

Grid Racing Game - PS3 Review
Grid is a racing game for the PS3 which features high-realism graphics and cars that can be damaged in a vast number of ways. The drivers even react to your racing style.

I've played a wide number of racing games over the years. I love them. Some are arcade style where you use walls like redirection tools and the other cars are more like bumper cars. This is definitely NOT the case in Grid. You tag a wall, and your door dents. You get hit by another car, and you might lose a window. Your car is incredibly mutable and can warp in a wide variety of ways. The game is nice and generally lets you keep driving - but if you go head-first into a concrete barrier, don't expect to keep going.

The drivers around you act like real humans. If you start annoying them, they will get irked and start badgering you right back again. Sometimes they spin out and do other things. It makes the racing a ton of fun.

The graphics are great. You quickly get immersed in the world. If anything, sometimes the graphics are too good, making your track view a bit challenging. That is, on a simple-graphics track there isn't much to distract you. There's the road and maybe some green things on the side of the screen. Here, you get complex details of streets, buildings, and other objects. When the track is weaving around objects, it can be hard to make out which way to go.

The soundtrack is OK. I've certainly heard FAR worse in racing games - but I've also heard better. This might be a case where you choose to put on your own music while you play.

It's important for me to note here that I pretty much always race alone. I don't play multiplayer in my house, nor do I race with other people online. I like the solo challenge of pitting me against the computer entries. But for people who do enjoy the multiplayer aspect, I've heard that the online server is no longer available. Also, there's no in-person multiplayer. So this game is now apparently a solo-only game. For me that is quite fine. Depending on your gaming style, this may be fine or a game-stopper for you.

So highly recommended for solo players: 8/10. For those who crave multiplayer action, you'll probably want to seek out another game.

I purchased this game with my own funds in order to do this review.

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