Balancing Earth Angel Stages

Balancing Earth Angel Stages
The Earth Angel is a Divine and beautiful creature. Although at times it may not feel like it, their work is essential, not only to the Earth Angel but the world at large.

Though most would agree, it would have been wonderful to have had a little handbook tucked away in our bassinette somewhere. But, for the Earth Angel, until they are settled in whatever stage they are in, for awhile, it can feel like an arduous regimen of trial and error.

Initially, the Earth Angel may try to push out many of the sensations they receive. That can include knowing or feeling certain things about a person without prior knowledge, precognition, a heightened sense of Spirituality and bodily sensitivity to food, drugs and even weather changes.

Eventually, sometimes even going a long way out of their way denying what they are through bad relationships, drugs or alcohol, the road they traveled will often come back around allowing them to take a second look so that they may come to terms with the fact they are different and try to embrace it.

Once they are ready, the Earth Angel needs to understand the Source from which they come and connect with that Source as much as possible, as not to become victim to the many elements a physical realm can present them.

Through no fault of their own, they can feel like an outsider, unable to fit in and watch helplessly as their efforts fall on deaf ears though they were the ones sought out by others to understand and offer aid where many of their own peers had failed to.

Often, do to the Earth Angel’s determination they will keep on keeping-on when what they really need to do is take a breath and contemplate for periods at a time away from the discord they are trying to work with. Nature above all, can help rectify much of this imbalance!

Quiet sittings near bodies of water, walks amid the forests, trails and hiking are all beneficial. For the times the Earth Angel hasn’t the energy to reach outside of their own dwellings, plants, animals and especially essential oils, all natural(not synthetic) within reach will also come in handy.

Remember whatever the Earth Angel is going through personally, they are apt to absorb worldly as well as interactive goings on as well. In order to be good to anyone else, as well as their cause, care for the Earth Angel is imperative!

Clairvoyance Editor

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