Kinect Adventures Review

Kinect Adventures Review
We have a ton of games for our XBox 360 Kinect, but it's always Kinect Adventures that we pull out when visitors come over. It's fun and easy to learn.

Kinect Adventures In essence you get a collection of mini-games which use your body to play. You don't have to hold controllers or learn buttons. For dodge-ball, a person simply stands in front of the screen and when a ball comes at them they whap it with their hand, foot, or head. How easy can that be? Everyone "gets it" within seconds and is immediately having fun.

There are river rapids where you jump to make the raft jump. There are obstacles courses where you do all sorts of crazy moves to gather points and avoid the obstacles. You plug up leaks in an aquarium with your body parts. You pop bubbles. Mostly, you have enormous amounts of fun.

It's not even an "exercise game" - but playing it does easily burn calories and get you into shape. You want to keep playing long after you're tired out!

We have young kids and older folks all wanting to take their turns. It's a nice mix of games. Someone who's not that fond of game A will adore game B and so on. I adore the dodge ball game. My friend loves the raft game.

You can play solo or with someone else. It's a maximum of two players, which on one hand is a shame but I'm also not sure how you could fit four people in one space and have them all flailing around without hurting each other.

Are there any down sides here? The games are definitely about motion. So if you have a tiny space you might not be able to play - but that would be true with any Kinect game. If you do not have the ability to be fully in motion - for example if you're in a wheelchair - you would also have issues with this game. So those are things to be aware of.

But that being said, I highly recommend this game. We've played thousands of games over the years, and a large chunk of our recent reviews have been about motion games on the various platforms. This game is one we keep coming back to.

Rating: 5/5.

We purchased this game with our own funds in order to do this review.

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