Earth Angels and Channels of Strength

Earth Angels and Channels of Strength
The greatest of architects, so they may come to have a work withstand the test of time, must consult with nature. For there shall be derived, not only inspiration, but a mutual understanding of perception in which their work shall be seen.

As human beings, we have much to live up to. To reach our highest achievements we must strive to keep as harmonious a balance as possible between that which has already been perfected and the discomfort of being perfected in all that we do.

Available, are certain channels, with which we too may be able to withstand the test of time. These channels are of The Source. And we being of The Source as well, have access. By tapping into these channels, at various levels, we are able. Though it may feel like it, we're never alone! We become in-tune and then commune directly to that from which we came. We are not forgotten nor being punished for a failing of some kind.

Light Workers and Earth Angels are especially susceptible to a curious position. In addition to the work they come here to do, they are as well exposed to precisely the avenues many others, whom came to do the work that they do, spend an exponential amount of energy avoiding!

So there can feel, at times, a vacancy or void, regardless of the precautions taken and even more so, as the Light Worker or Earth Angel sets out in the aid of others, a lapse in memory that they too are here to achieve in some manner.

Before the elevated Soul enters this plane, they are of a comfort level…fueled and able to provide more than enough to that which they will embark. However, they’re not impervious or protected, even from opposing forces, to the extent they will not experience the sensation of depletion as they dispense, and whole-heartedly, the love and energy from which the were before, overflowing infinitely.

Keep to heart there are others like yourself. Connections are available. And where there is feelings of despair there is yet an infinite surplus of hope. It is NOT that of a fictitious hope but again that of The Source. And, if ye will raise thy head, shall be exposed to that hope immediately.

Clairvoyance Editor

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