Workplace Etiquette - Is It a Nice Place?

Workplace Etiquette - Is It a Nice Place?
As incivility in the workplace is discussed in best-selling books, on television shows and online, I can't help associating this with the lack of plain old-fashioned manners. Not to say there aren't nice people out there. On the contrary, it's my opinion that most people who walk this earth are sincerely nice, considerate people. They want to be treated with compassion and consideration. Most everyone knows that in order to be treated a certain way you need to act likewise. As I said, most people who walk this earth are of the kind, reciprocating nature.

It's when we get behind closed doors, however, that things seem to change. Much like a family will treat a stranger with much more respect and kindness than they will those of their own relation, people in business seem to treat co-workers and employees with much more disdain than most people would ever dream of.

Take the common courtesy of please and thank you. We teach our children to say these words and utilize them constantly. Among husband and wives, however, such niceties aren't stated as often as they should be. The same happens in the workplace. Where one will be sure to greet a customer or client with a hearty hello and thank them for their time. An employer rarely thanks an employee for the time they put in to a project. Afterall, they are paid for this service. They are going to receive an ample paycheck for their services. Why would you have to heap gratitude on something that's expected of someone? As sad as it is, most people believe that you don't have to acknowledge any deed that does not go above and beyond the call of duty.

Acknowledging accomplishments is another area where a company can fall short. When a job is done well. This is something you want to make sure is recognized. Many a boss, however, is so wrapped up in how much or how little is getting accomplished, they are unable to see the blossoming of the forest around them.

Even sadder is the fact that when an employee falls short, the boss will make sure not just the employee knows, but the entire company may be made aware of what not to do the next time the opportunity arises.

If you are going to point out the bad, you need to make sure to point out the good. Furthermore, much like a marriage and a family, before you utter a word of reproach or condemnation, you should ask yourself what was the last positive, reinforcing thing you said to them. If you can't recall it, your next step would be to commend them for at least five items before you point out where they fall short. Otherwise you are going to have someone who is well aware of what you don't like but has no idea what they are doing well or why they even work there anymore.

There are other items to make sure to do when creating a positive workplace is your goal. Make sure to apologize for wrong doing, mistakes or bad behavior. Also, call out another when they do well or when they offend another. These are just a few ways to bring harmony to work and make the workplace a nice place.

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