Do Our Judgments Serve Us

Do Our Judgments Serve Us
“I am certain that I can have no knowledge of what is outside me except by means of the ideas I have within me.” Descartes

All the spiritual teachings point to a greater omnipotent power that exists everywhere, there is no-where that it is not and that It is everything that exists.

From experience, meditations and my confirmation bias, I believe that there is only Life expressing Itself, fulfilling Itself through Itself as perceived individuals. When we see anything other than that we are seeing an illusion.

For me, all that exists is this omnipotent power labelled and judged as less. For example a penny holds the same amount of Life as a million pounds, only we judge it to be less and discard it. When we see a penny or one slice of bread or an ant as anything other than ‘God’ we are judging amiss.

When we acknowledge everything as equal It shows us Itself. Before dismissing anything as less than anything else, perhaps try and stop a while to recognise its full potential and see what happens. Instead of there not being enough, suddenly there is abundance.

I had an experience of being grateful for a penny I found on the floor in my house. I held it in my hand and felt gratitude for the abundance that it represented, knowing that it was symbolic of having enough and not of lack. On the same day I received a call from the bank telling me they had paid £6,000 into my account from a mis-sold policy.

I regularly experience It in all that I meet. When I approach everyone as a manifestation of the omnipotent power there is no room for any other judgement. It is like they can feel the acceptance and respond to me from there. Similarly if I approach someone with judgment, they tend to react in kind.

Perhaps when we see Life as unlimited, we would realise that it is arrogant and naive to think that only our thoughts and beliefs are right. They may be right for us with the limited knowledge we have at this moment but the more we learn and grow the more opportunities there are for new information to become available for us. The information we defend so valiantly is only ever a very small part of a much larger truth, being open to the thoughts of anything is possible helps to expand our minds and experiences.

How many beliefs have you held that seemed to support your way of thinking and then something happened to change your point of view? Take Father Christmas for example as a child you believed fully in him then as you became older you let go of that belief. At the time it was true for you and now it isn’t.

What would happen if we treated all our knowledge with the thought that this is what I know today and tomorrow, new information maybe available to me to gain a new perspective?

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