Back to School Word Problems

Back to School Word Problems
Your upper elementary homeschooler will enjoy these challenging and timely word problems!

1. Favorville Elementary School saw a large enrollment increase this school year. 56 new fifth graders were added to the roster. If there are already 122 fifth graders, and each class has an average of twenty students per class, how many fifth grade classes will there need to be? Will all classes have twenty students exactly? If not, how will it divide out?

2. Favorville Elementary school is encouraging green living for it's students by creating a large garden in their courtyard. The garden space is in the shape of a rectangle, with the measurements being 24 feet long and 12 feet wide. What is the perimeter of the garden? What is the area of the garden?

3. Tyler and Alana were excited to attend school with money to buy lunch in the cafeteria. School lunch this year cost $4.45. If both Tyler and Alana were given $25 each to buy lunch for the week, how much change, if any, would each of them have left? If Alana decided to bring a lunch on Friday, how much change would she have left?

4. If each of the second grade classes at Favorville Elementary School has exactly 18 students, and there are 7 classrooms, how many second grade students are there?

5. Mrs. McConey's first grade class has 27 students, and she needs to seat the children at tables of four each, ideally. How many tables will she need? Will there be an odd number at any of the tables? If so, how many students will there be?

6. The first day of school in 2013 brought the 153,87 3rd student to Favorville Elementary, on the 20th anniversary of the school. Rounded to the nearest hundred thousand, how many students had attended Favorville Elementary in twenty years time?

7. There are approximately 180 days of school on the calendar this year for Favorville Elementary students. Four of the school days are designated for field trips. How many days are field trip days, as a fraction of the total school days?

8. School begins on August 24th, 2013 at Favorville Elementary. What week will it be on the tenth week of school?

9. Homework is not given on Fridays during the school year at Favorville, with the exception of the first Friday of the month. If school is in session from August 24th through the third week of May (Friday), how many days will students have no homework this school year?

10. Make a graph to show the percentage of boys and girls in the fourth grade class at Favorville this year. Use a bar or circle graph. There are 137 students in fourth grade, with 68 of them being boys.

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