PS3 YouTube App

PS3 YouTube App
The PS3 YouTube App lets you watch YouTube videos on your TV, via your PS3. Even more than that - you can pair with your phone or tablet, and do the navigating there!

Here's how it works.

First, make sure your PS3 is connected to the internet. Go into the PlayStation store via the normal PS3 main menu. Look in the "app" area. One of the main featured apps should be the YouTube app.

It's completely free to download, and only 22mb. So download the app. It should take less than a minute to fully download and install.

Now, back on the main PS3 menu, the YouTube app should be in the video area along with NetFlix, Amazon, and any other video software systems you have hooked up. Choose the YouTube one.

Here is where it gets cool. You'll be given an ID number for your TV. Use your smartphone or your tablet - in my case a Kindle Fire - to go to

On this URL you'll be asked for the ID number of your TV, which is right now on your TV set. You'll also be asked to give this TV a name, in case you have multiple of them to manage.

Now you're all set! You can use your phone / tablet to easily make up a playlist of your favorite videos and to figure out what order to put them in. Hit play, pause, fast forward, and so on. Your TV will show the results!

This is FAR easier than trying to use the PS3 controller or even the DVD style controller to work with YouTube. Instead of scrolling around to find letters to spell out the video you want, you use your phone or tablet's keyboard to do it far more easily.

The response time is quite quick, too. The TV instantly knows what you want to watch and displays it.

Are there any down sides here? I'm sort of curious if a hacker could figure out your ID number somehow, and then if you're in the YouTube app they could "send" videos at you that you don't want to watch. They would have to know when you were using the app - I doubt they could get your PS3 to turn on at 3am :). But still, if you always hang out in the afternoon watching YouTube, and they know your ID number, it doesn't seem like there's anything to stop them from putting items into the queue. It would be nice if there was a password in here somewhere.

Still, for most people, this is a great, useful app, and a wonderful way to learn origami, learn about wildlife, and have fun all via the PS3 and your main home TV.

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