Money and Magick

Money and Magick
With Yule/Christmas just a few weeks away, I thought this would be a good time to look at how effective magick for money is along with some of the alternatives. To quote the opening paragraph from my book “The Wizard’s Way to Wealth”:

“The two most common types of spells that everyone who ever uses magic begins with are money and love. It all sounds so easy; all you have to do is mix a few ingredients at the right place and time, mumble or chant some ‘dodgy’ rhymes/ancient language and in a very short time you are up to your neck in dates and dinero. A simple idea - and oh how wrong.

Yes, magical activities to bring money can be highly successful - but only if you have a clear idea of what you want, and understand the principles behind where you want to go. It doesn’t help that most peoples’ idea of wealth is concerned with expansive displays of expending large amounts of money. Which is exactly the opposite of gaining wealth!”

The idea of ‘easy money’ has been countered in recent years by the Neo-Pagan worldview that “you can only cast spells for needed money”. Suggesting that you can only use magick to repair your finances, rather than positively improve them. Both approaches, as mentioned in the second paragraph of the quote, are wrong in that most people don’t plan their finances and equate wealth with having a high disposable income.

Money magick belongs to the area of magick termed “Mental Magick” or “New Thought”. The latter being coined at the turn of the 20th Century and one of the main roots of today’s systems of visualization and chanting for money or success, some of which have integrated with mainstream religions including Buddhism and Christianity. In Magick, especially Ritual Magick, the focusing of the mind and emotions on gaining something puts pressure on the Inner Planes to achieve a specific outcome in the physical world. The theory is that these planes are closely connected with the physical world, but malleable through intent. This intent can be conscious or unconscious, but the main driver is emotional intensity combined with a strong visual, auditory, or kinesthetic connection.

The classical example of this is the gambler’s “hot streak” at the casino or racetrack. During a relatively short span of time a gambler can win a lot of money, only to lose it again just as quickly, either through not knowing when to walk away, or knowing how to ‘bind’ their gain. According to magickal exponents this happens because inner planes have a positive and a negative aspect, much like the Yin/Yang sign. If you build up, or invoke one force you also build up a charge of the opposite one. If you use the force of attraction to bring something into your life you also evoke the force to remove it from your life too.

The best way to bind the force you don’t want is to set a limit on what you want, or the amount of money you need. This can be done by adapting an old Gypsy spell of attracting what you need by writing down the specific amount of money you need on a clean sheet of paper. Then putting it on a green piece of cloth, and concentrating on it for a few seconds. During this time feel and experience the money in your hands and the pleasure it brings you. Then pick up and hold the paper to your third eye – the chakra between your eyebrows – and say three times “I have you, I hold you, I keep you”. Fold the paper in the cloth and bind it closed with red natural wool in which seven knots have been tied, as you tie each knot repeat the chant “You are mine – I own you”. Put the bound cloth and paper in a small box and every day for seven days, best at sunrise or mid-day, hold the box to your third eye and repeat the “You are mine- I own you” chant. After the seven days have passed put the box in the back of a drawer, or some other spot like the attic where it is unlikely to be disturbed and the money should arrive promptly after the completion of the spell or even during its’ performance.

Of course at this point the idea of putting “Winning the major prize on the lottery” idea might occur to some - or all - of you as what to write on the bit of paper. This might well be prompted by the attitude of, or someone saying, “If magick is real why can’t I win the lottery”? There are two reasons for this; firstly there are so many people praying, working magick, and scrying to do exactly that that the inner plane forces are roiling like the Corryvreckan Whirlpool making affecting or predicting the outcome difficult if not impossible. Secondly, and more mind-blowing, MONEY IS NOT REAL!

“What”?! I hear you cry. “Then what have I got in my wallet, purse, or bank account”?

The answer is “Promissory notes, and tokens”, basically IOUs and symbolic representations of the wealth kept under lock and key, or traded on commodity markets. At one time you could take these into a bank and exchange them for gold or silver –which used to back up major currencies. The notes used to have “I promise to pay the bearer on demand the sum of..” whatever the note was for in gold in the UK which eventually stopped when Britain left the gold standard in 1931. In the US the “Redeemable in gold on demand at the United States Treasury or in gold or lawful money at any Federal Reserve Bank” was removed in 1933. This turned money into a concept rather than a physical plane thing making it far harder to influence per se on the mental plane, especially as these are debit rather than credit notes.

This is why it is far easier to work magick for material things, rather than money itself. In the next article we will look at some of the most effective ways of doing this, and how working for things can lead to ending up with money.

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