Earth Angels and Seers 2013

Earth Angels and Seers 2013
If you’ve found yourself this past year struggling with the intensity of your altruistic nature or wondering whether or not Earth Angels really exist, it just may be time to do something about it!

As this New Year approaches, more and more, it will come into play, communing effectively, not only with the Source itself, but your own personal being as well as further Truths unfold. It will become key to self-empowerment and aid in working more harmoniously, as order and 'New Knowledge presents itself!

In case you happen to be wondering, Earth Angels have in the past and will continue to come in all shapes sizes and forms! Among other attributes, by far they usually have an artistic side. They may be entertainers, teachers, missionaries, museum curators, writers, healers and Shamans, but they may also find themselves as more controlling figures, depending where their lives may have taken them.

What sets the Earth Angel apart, along with their Earthly vocation(s)is a keen sense of awareness and uncanny wisdom! By design, these Spiritually gifted and sensitive, multisensory beings, harbor the ability, not only to understand things about people and humanity as a whole, but worldly and more Universal affairs as well.

As we enter this particular New Year, these individuals, by and far will be called upon to lead the way! Rest assured, enlightenment, purpose as well as information will be that by which lost ships all across our nation, shall become resurrected and revitalized!

Mother Earth, and sincere comings together, along with inspiration can all be anticipated as clarity continues to reveal both frailties and strengths of our structure and balance at hand.

As Seers, "feelings" had in the past will align more and more with affirmations with new alliances forming in the wake! Your leadership and efforts will begin to pay off.

If in the past you’ve been compelled to search for answers or affirmations yourself, or even if you've felt a bit “Home-sick” or exhausted at times, as a collective, understand more and more like-minded individuals shall arise. You will know them immediately in their presence. Be on the look-out and refrain from discounting chance encounters!

With each generation, predecessor Seers and Earth Angels become in the stark position to empower the mission we as a whole have come here to provide through the giving gift of gesture! Be it in the form of entry level job, supportive note of appreciation or understanding kindness, these are now in the hand to do more than simply the gesture itself. You have the power to follow through!

Into this new year you’ll want to dust off your intuitive skills and begin fine-tuning both happiness as well as insight itself. Like any gift, whether it hasn't been utilized for a bit or been the subject of extreme measures and usage it may need, depending upon circumstances, recovery time or practice.

As more and more changes continue to pellet our way, Seers and Earth Angels alike will need to be in tip-top shape! Mentally, Spiritually and physically your stamina, as well as your full spectrum Spiritual sense will aid in discerning that which is real from that which is merely being presented as so!

Happy New Year & Holiday Blessings!

Karen Elleise
Clairvoyance Editor

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