Grounding in the Midst of Chaos

Grounding in the Midst of Chaos
Our internal structure, that which calls us to connect and act as handmaidens with eachother and the Soul can often suffer an innumerable discomforts in the process. As we struggle to sustain balance, relief is far closer to home than one might think!

Perhaps by day, we might be a working mom or dad, fashion designer, artist, writer, curator, janitor or any number of livelihoods in order to try and meet the physical conditions of a material world.

Within the darkness, what little time we have left, there can also be distractions of sorts, things that can make it difficult to dedicate anything extra to ourselves and eachother for that matter.

As the highly developed sensitive beings that we are, not only, do we tend to carry an influx of creative vibrational energy within, but have the tendency to pick up both general and more abstract vibrations as well.

When we do, especially for long periods of time, there’s often a sense of dis-ease or imbalance, not always something you can put a finger to...

Soul derivaters, or anyone with a highly altruistic need for bringing together or servicing others, can sometimes run into these feelings more so than others. These individuals are not as easily distracted.

Though a hidden strength and talent about them, there can often accompany a trade-off which can make it even more difficult to tend to a more personal and delicate detail.

With harmony, the core building block to balance, obtaining it can sometimes turn into a desperate and complicated situation. But, more open and without fear, it doesn't always have to be an ends to a means.

First, if you’re unable to get in touch with your Source right away, go to the waters or nature with any spare time you have. There’s a reason for this and will always be what guides you instinctively, regardless of what might be happening around you.

Secondly, and this can be more difficult if you happen to share living quarters, have a refuge! A refuge can be any place you feel completed or safe, such as a room, a garden, a designated bath or even window or wall. Something that speaks to your core vibration.

Lastly, if you’re in a state where you’re not quite able to get to what it is that does bring you peace, start with scents! What is it that allows you to breath most freely? From here, move to sound.

No matter how complicated things might seem or as difficult as it might be to remember the fractions of light we are, try to. As such, the closest place to home is and always shall be, the most simplest.

Karen Elleise
Clairvoyance Editor

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