1951 - Superman And The Mole-Men

1951 - Superman And The Mole-Men
When workers on the world’s deepest well unwittingly drill too far, a group of small, mole-men emerge to the surface. Although they’re harmless and are exploring the world above, the citizens of the tiny town of Silsby begin to panic. It’s up to Superman to save the day before consequences turn deadly. Here are a few movie mistakes to look for while watching this Superman movie starring George Reeves.

· Lois and Clark find “pop” dead. Lois calls for help while Clark goes outside to investigate. She puts her purse down on the right side of the desk, next to pop’s hat. When she turns around and sees the two “mole men” and screams, Clark runs in and her purse is near the left edge of the desk, touching pop’s hat.

· Superman tells Benson to put the gun down. It shows a close-up of three men: one with a pale long-sleeved shirt who’s holding the leash on the dogs, a man with a dark shirt and hat holding a pistol in his right hand and a man with a hat and checkered shirt, standing side by side. It cuts to a wider view as Benson tries to hit Superman with the gun and the man with the pale shirt is several feet behind the other two. As Superman bends the gun, it cuts to the previous close-up of the three men side by side and then back to the wider view where they’re separated again.

· One of the mole-men is being chased by the dogs. A drifter sees him and runs away. A rear view of the mole man as he runs down to the drifter’s camp shows the back zipper of his “mole” costume. It’s also visible again when he’s trapped in the shed.

· Benson comes to tell the sheriff that he got the mole men. As he walks in, he passes the room divider/wall on his right. There are items on each end and in the middle there is a book/folder that’s open as he passes by. But as he’s talking to the sheriff, a close-up of Benson shows the folder/book behind him on his right and it’s now closed.

· When the mob is at the hospital, Superman pulls Lois behind him just as someone fires a shot. He tells her to go inside and to stay away from the front of the building. She opens the door and she moves to go in. It cuts to a closer view of Superman and Lois is already inside and the door is shut.

· CAUTION: May Contain Spoilers! When Benson tries to fire at the three mole-men outside of the hospital, they blast him with their ray gun. In the far view, as he’s hit, Benson drops his gun and backs against the wall of the building. It cuts to a close-up of Benson and he drops his gun again and backs against the wall!

“Superman and the Mole-Men” (1951) stars George Reeves, Phyllis Coates and Jeff Corey. It runs 58 minutes and is unrated.

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