Playstation 4 Console

Playstation 4 Console
The Playstation 4 is Sony's successor to the Playstation 3, and features a number of great improvements over the older system.

I have owned all of the various Playstation versions, including most of the hand held PSP versions as well. I do also own the XBox and Wii systems, so I've compared and contrasted them. With all the systems in our home and past, it's always the Playstation we come back to. It's the one we prefer to play games on.

On the upside, the PS4 lets you use your own tablet, smartphone, or similar device to control the unit if you want. This is wonderful. I like the WiiU tablet, for example, but when we're not using the WiiU it just sits there gathering dust. It makes much more sense to use the tablet we already have for this sort of activity.

On the down side, they are still touting those move controllers. I'm just not fond of them. Of the three systems, those Move controllers are my least favorite ones. I love the Kinect, and I love the Wii controllers. The PS4 people need to go one way or the other.

The PS4 doesn't mind if you play offline, something which finally convinced Microsoft to drop their "online all the time" requirement with their XBox One console. So the PS4 is both great itself and also helping to make the overall gaming world better.

There are some cool social features with the PS4. Once you hook up with your friends, you can easily share videos with them and they can even "watch" you play your game if you wish. They could chime in with tips and ideas for you!

An enormous down side, however, is that the PS4 won't play older games. Maybe this won't matter to some gamers who only want to play the latest games - but we have a library here of some favorites that I adore. It would be a shame to have to keep an aging PS3 around - and even worse if I have to rebuy the games in digital form.

Still, I'll of course end up buying the PS4, and I know I'll appreciate its better graphics and options. There are going to be some amazing games coming out, and I look forward to it!

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