Homecoming Celebrations and Conversations

Homecoming Celebrations and Conversations
In the United States, Homecoming is a yearly fall tradition dating back to the 19th century. It's simply defined as coming home to your high school or college.  

Every school's Homecoming is steeped in tradition, and is celebrated with a variety of events. The event schedule can include festivals, spirit days, pep rallies, picnics, parades, bonfires, tailgate parties, football games, the crowning of the Homecoming court and the dance. 

The celebrations and activities are a chance for both current students and alumni to celebrate their school. These activities can span over an entire week, a weekend, or even one day. 

If you think that Homecoming is only about alumni, the students who graduated before you, you're wrong. As a current student, you are your school's future alumni. The Homecoming celebrations you help to plan, or even just attend, will introduce new traditions, new courts, new music, and even the chance of record breaking scores. Homecoming traditions can showcase the trends and culture of every graduating class.  

Being involved in your school's Homecoming will be fun. However, it can also play an important part of your education and future. You see, this tradition is about much more than games, dates, dresses, dances, corsages and boutonnieres. 

A Homecoming celebration for your school is about commitment, pride and love for a place and time that can be a very important building block in your life. It may sound corny, but it's really not. Yes, school is a place to learn the required subjects, but it's also a place to learn about life. Each year, you try new things, make new friends, take new classes, learn about teamwork, and build leadership skills.

The alumni who will be attending your school's Homecoming were once students just like you. It doesn't matter if they are past football players, marching band members or a former court king or queen. Maybe they weren't even involved in any headlining activities. What matters is that they were once students with tough teachers, assignments, achievements, and decisions about their lives after school. Talk to them. Seriously! This is a great time to get free information about what they did in and after high school or college. What courses they took and what they are doing now. They definitely will have inside scoops on courses, programs, teachers, and careers. They survived high school and possibly college already. They might even still be in college and can offer suggestions about the application process. Ask them questions about their past and their future. It won't be hard to start a conversation as you have something in common, your school.

Go ahead, celebrate Homecoming with your town and your school. At the same time, make it your Homecoming and take the opportunity to start conversations and gather information that will help you in the future.

If you would like to share your Homecoming experiences, or any special traditions that are celebrated by your high school or college, please visit our forum. It's a safe and fun place for conversations and shared memories!

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