Ken Burns Effect In Motion 5 - Set Up

Ken Burns Effect In Motion 5 - Set Up
In this tutorial, we will work on the second scene of our trailer in Apple Motion. This will consist of a large image of the entire product which will be animated with the Ken Burns effect. The Ken Burns effect is a technique applied to still images to give the illusion of panning and zooming motion. We will be using the Record feature in Motion to create two keyframes that will control the panning of our still image.

At this point, we have the first scene of our product trailer completed in AppleR MotionR. It consists of one graphic and a rectangle behind the title. These elements fade out at six seconds, just in time for scene 2 to fade in. To make a smooth transition to the next scene, we will overlap the fade in of the second scene with the fade out of the first. We will overlap the two transitions at the 5.5 seconds on the Timeline.

As mentioned above, the second scene’s main design element is the large static image of the entire wedding stationary set. The image is so large that it doesn’t fit entirely on the Canvas. This is so that we can pan the image from right to left. The other design element for this scene consists of a rectangle and text title, which is the name of the SVG product. We will put this second title at the bottom left of the Canvas so that it will not interfere with the visibility of the graphic as it moves across the Canvas. Let’s start by adding the graphic at the 5.5 seconds on the Timeline.

  1. As the Motion Timeline displays in hours, minutes, seconds and frames (HH:MM:SS:FR) and the frame rate is 30 frames per second, we will need to place the Playhead at the 00:00:05:15 mark on the Timeline. This will be equal to 5.5 seconds.

  2. Click File - Import to add the new graphic to the Layers pane and Timeline. It will automatically be resized to fit the Canvas. We want to change that back to 100% scale in the Properties tab of the Inspector.

  3. Motion also put our new graphic in a new Group in the Layers pane. Let’s rename the Group to “Scene2".

  4. Drag the left edge of the Scene2 layer in the Timeline to 00:00:05:15.

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