How To Stop Degrading Names Among Girls

How To Stop Degrading Names Among Girls
Do you want to know a secret about girls? The answer may be alarming and harmful to read so I caution you.

Your daughter may sometimes degrade herself and in the teen world – it’s the new thing to do. Do you want to know a bigger secret? It occurs in the adult world as well-we just give it a different name. Check out things you may not know about your daughter.

Girls are using the names bi---, sl--, and h— as nick names. The interesting thing is so are boys when they refer to girls. And thanks to our music and TV. world those same degrading names can be heard on a regular basis.

If we use degrading names even in the slightest way – it’s an insult to not only the person for who it’s intended but for ourselves as well. As an adult these types of things can have a ripple effect.

Under the bill of rights it clearly indicates the “freedom of speech” and this is what you do with that right. For a lot of people especially women we waited a long time to have the ability to speak. And in some countries women still don’t have the ability to speak their mind. And again, this is what you do with your ability to speak.

Let’s start by encouraging your daughter to respect herself. Have her imagine the same friends being enemies calling her those same names and her being a victim. This will instill sudden respect for herself.

Another tip can be to encourage her to create word exchange among her friends. Of course it’s new but she can be the first to start a new trend at her school.
And here is a really big tip. It’s starts at home – so parents reframe from referring to friends, co-workers or anyone else as a degrading name. Names such as a dumb a—, man hoar, office slut etc... Show them how to use word exchange. Also, monitor and censor music and TV.

As for the world of music and media I’m still working on that one – but at least this is a start. If we use and demand for word exchange maybe we can get the music world to make music with better words.

Once we open the door of establishing respect again our children can then welcome balance. They will be better young adults. They will have ability to respect not only themselves but friends, adults, work, life and all it has to offer. They will also be more cooperative.

Let’s not let our daughters disrespect self – and let’s not let anyone else disrespect her either. Not a boy, a friend, the media, the music world or your daughter herself. Let’s start with ourselves and the rest of the world will follow – it will have a ripple effect.

Live, Laugh and Love
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