Spanish Vocabulary. El ascensor

Spanish Vocabulary. El ascensor

El ascensor

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Origins: From Latin noun "ascensor, -õris"

English translation: The lift (UK). The elevator (US)

The Spanish word "ascensor" is a masculine noun, so any article or adjective with this word must also be masculine. For example: (English translations (in blue) are literal, word by word, so you can recognize Spanish words and meanings)

El ascensor es muy viejo. (The lift is very old);
Este ascensor está sucio. (This elevator is dirty.);
Un ascensor pequeño es incómodo. (A small lift is uncomfortable.)

Spanish synonyms (According to for "el ascensor":

  • el montacargas ("goods lift" (UK); ("freight elevator" (US))
    The definition of the Spanish word "montacargas", according to the Real Academia de la Lengua ( is:

    Montacargas: "Ascensor destinado a elevar pesos." (Elevator / Lift destined for the elevation of weights.) is also defining the origin of this word "montacargas":
    (De montar y carga, calco del fr. monte-charge). Very interesting, as it is a compound word, from "montar" and "carga", a copy of French word "monte-charge".

  • el elevador ("dumbwaiter", "hoist")

Definitions: Both, and include very similar definitions. In short, we can say "un ascensor es…":

- Aparato para subir o bajar personas de unos pisos a otros de los edificios. ("System used to take people up and down from one floor to another in buildings.")

- El ascensor está aquí. (The elevator is here.)
- Necesito usar el ascensor porque vivo en la octava planta.
(I need to use the lift because I live in the eighth floor.)

Uses and expressions:
In Spanish, we use the verb "llamar" (to call) with "ascensor", same as in English:

"Llamar al ascensor". (To call the elevator / the lift.)
- Por favor, llama al ascensor. (Please, call the elevator / the lift.)

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Real Academia de la Lengua Española
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