Animate Lower Third in Motion 5

Animate Lower Third in Motion 5
In this MotionR tutorial we will continue to work on the lower third for our craft product trailer template. Now we will add the text to the lower third and build the animation. At this point we have imported a background graphic for the lower third, reduced the opacity of the graphic and positioned it at the left bottom corner of the screen.

This graphic will slide on to the screen from the left over a one second duration (9:15 - 10:15). We will use the Record feature to create this animation.

  1. With the Playhead at the 9:15 position, click the Record button to start recording. Move the graphic horizontally to the left until the right edge of the image is next to the left edge of the stage.

  2. Move the Playhead to the 10:15 position and move the graphic horizontally back to the original position. You should have two keyframes added to the Timeline. Click the Record button to stop recording.

    The second part of the lower third is the text that will display the name of the product. To add this text, we will follow the same steps as when we added the copyright text but this text will be larger and animated. This animation will be a fade in transition that will begin just after the graphic is in place at the 10:15 position. We will end the fade in for the text at 11:00 on the Timeline (10:15 - 11:00).

  3. Set the Playhead to 10:15 on the Timeline, add the placeholder text “Name Of Product” to the screen. In the Inspector set the Color to black, the Font to Helvetica, Alignment to Centered and the Size to 48.

  4. Drag the text over the center of the background graphic.

  5. With the Playhead still at the 10:15 position, click the Record button and set the Opacity of the text to 0%.

  6. Move the Playhead to 11:00 and set the Opacity back to 100%. Stop recording.

    At this point the graphic and text of the lower third remain on the screen to the end of the trailer. We need them to fade out at the 36:15 position on the stage (36:15 - 37:00). First we will trim both layers of the lower third to the 37:00 position by moving the right edge of their Object Bars on the Timeline to 37:00. We also want to complete the fade out transition when the lower third leaves the stage.

  7. Drag the right edge of both the text and graphic Object Bars to 37:00.

  8. Add the fade out transition to both the text and graphic, starting the Record feature at 36:15 and reducing the opacity to 0% at 37:00.

    Until now, we needed to see the background graphic in order to position both elements together in the lower third. Now that we have the transitions completed, we don’t need to see the placeholder background graphic anymore. Our last step is to convert the graphic to a drop zone so that we can use a different graphic as the background of the lower third for each trailer.

  9. In the Layers pane, select the background image layer. In the Image tab in the Inspector, check the Drop Zone box. You will see the Drop Zone controls appear.

  10. To remove the placeholder graphic, click the Clear button at the bottom of the Drop Zone tab. The image will disappear and you will see the gray drop zone image.

Save your work.

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Finished Project Trailer

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