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Buzz Quiz TV
The usual problem with console based party games is that newcomers to a console have problems using the controllers. There are all sorts of odd buttons and they feel at a loss compared with people who have used the controllers regularly.

Buzz gets completely around this issue by providing four "easy to use" controllers, battery powered (two AA batteries each, not included). You plug a tiny receiver unit into the USB port of your PS3 and then the four wireless controllers are used by the players.

This is brilliant. It means any random person can play without any issue. There's a giant red buzzer and then four colored bars for making selections. Easy, understandable!

The game itself is rather cute. You get to choose from a variety of characters to represent yourself, then choose a costume. Each character has his or her own voice and movements. The moderator has unique sayings he makes about each character, too. You even get to choose what type of "sound" your buzzer makes.

On to gameplay. There are a series of rounds, each different. Sometimes you just need to answer correctly and it doesn't matter if you take a long time. Sometimes your speed does make a difference. There are photo questions, reading questions, questions about science, modern movies, oldies songs, and everything else in between. Each round one of the players chooses the topic area so you can tailor the game to match your interests.

The tracking on the controller is rather impressive. There are numerous times that one of us was in the range of 0.06 seconds behind the other and the system knew that. It really was a lot of fun to play. Sure, some of the character activities are "silly" - but that's typical in games like this.

All in all, a great party game, and it certainly would be fun if you're a trivia buff and just want to play on your own. Still, it's really meant to be played with multiple people, either online or in person. There's even the ability to create your own quizzes if you want!

Well recommended for trivia fans!

As a side note, if you have 10 minutes to kill, let the credits actually "run" at the end of a game. It is scary how slowly and long these things go for. Do they actually expect people to sit here and watch this all at the end of every game? At least they should have some fun Whacked!-style videos running in the background :)

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