Final Fantasy X3 News

Final Fantasy X3 News
With the huge popularity of the Final Fantasy series, it is no surprise that Final Fantasy X3 is about to be released. This inventive new game combines single player with online gaming!

The new Final Fantasy X3 will let you play as any major character from the entire Final Fantasy line, with all new, updated graphics. You can play as current favorites Yuna or Tidus, go back to Rinoa or Squall, or play anyone else in between. Interact with classic characters Cid, Wedge or Biggs from any of the games.

There are of course moogles to give you information and expand your knowledge. Chocobos are here, too, and in addition to riding them, you can now breed them! Get yourself a chocobo egg and raise it from a chick. Teach it fun commands, and watch it grow. Put together a male and female adult chocobo pair, and they'll have new babies for you! The babies will take on characteristics from each parent, so careful breeding can create some very interesting chocobos!

You can play single player, building up your character, learning new skills and levelling up. Then take your player online to interact in a fun online world! There are airships to ride in, towns to visit, and of course, tons of mini-games! You can play cards with people from Japan, ride on chocobo races with people from Africa, and much more!

If you haven't guessed by now though ...


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