Quotes of great Philosophers

Quotes of great Philosophers
Quotes of great Philosophers

Great minds do think alike and our history as well as our future will show this to all those who will come after we are long gone.

The most well known philosophers will continue to bring tingling shocks of electricity to intelligent minds hundreds if not thousands of years beyond what our current thoughts could even imagine.

If we open our minds eye and allow the wonders of infinite possiblities to explore the vast and breath taking path sights we have access to experience I do believe we would float away.

We haven’t quite mastered the art of using 99% of our brains to manifest unfathomable wonders.

Here are just a few of the great minds and a tidbit of wisdom from the depths of understanding:

Socrates~ Do you think I would have survived all these years if I were engaged in public affairs and, acting as good man must, came to the help of justice and considered this the most important thing? Far from it…nor would any other man.

Socrates was known as a great Western Philosopher and was thought to have been the first of the many. He was a doctor for the Soul.

The feeling of wonder is the touchstone of the philosopher, and all philosophy has its origins in wonder.
~ Plato

It is possible that in Western Philosophy he has the only single work that was read more than any other. It was Plato’s Republic.

Seneca ~ The decrees of the people are in large measure repealed by the sages. Seneca believed things happened for a reason and by a scheduled season. He also believed our human thought was part of the divine thought. God abides in all things.

Plato is dear to me but dearer is the truth. ~ Aristotle

When Aristotle spoke of the good of life he believed that in order for us to live healthy that we had to have a balance in all things and that we all have more in common that we sometimes want to think.

Every saint has a past and every sinner a future. ~ Oscar Wilde

Mr. Wilde was a famous and outstanding poet and author. He has made our future much better with his works.

Known to some as the last philosopher, Nietzsche lived a tormented life. He lived almost in poverty and squalor. Some described in to be “modest” living. He had life altering health problems in his later years and chose to isolate himself.

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