Treating Crohn's Naturally - The Restore Phase

Treating Crohn's Naturally - The Restore Phase
The restore phase requires that nutrients and probiotics be administered. One must endeavor to rebuild the lining of the gut and restore normal tissues that have been damaged. It is time for a mega vitamin regimen.

Folate 5 mg 3 x day
Vitamin A 100,000 IU a day
A Multi B-100 vitamin
Quercetin 100 mg 3 x per day
Curcumin 1500 mg per day of standardize extract. It must contain bioperpine or take a supplement of biopepperine with it (5mg) or take the curcurmin with your coconut oil.
This herb is fat-soluble and requires either the biopepperine or coconut oil or some other healthy fat for absorption

Then also:
Seaquest - a supplement made of predigested white fish from the deep sea that is known to re-establish the mucosa of the gut. It’s a predigested protein that is easily assimilated.

Bromelain, helpful as an anti-inflammatory and to digest proteins, it may inhibit appetite so be aware as Crohn’s in and of itself may reduce appetite.

Increase Omega Fatty 3 fatty acids found in salmon, or through supplementation with fish oil product, 500mg 3 x day

Immunotec Whey called HMS90 - This will boost glutathione levels through diet. Other methods are through IV administration of glutathione in critical mal-absorption cases. This an expensive product. Try to budget it in for at least a few months, six months if you can. Then change to Jarrow brand whey. See links below for product info. (you can mix whey with Greens 8000 and some juice or water for a tasty drink. Sweeten with a little with stevia) Take twice a day.

Probiotic daily - VSL#3 Lactic Acid Bacteria Probiotic and the same for this, budget it in for a few months then find a less expensive product. Low fiber diet, lactose free, grain free, sugar free. A reduced carbohydrate diet will alleviate many of the Crohn’s symptoms.

Consider gluten intolerance. Eliminate glutens and see how you do. Spelt is a gluten free “wheat like” flour that bread can be make of.
Find a yeast free recipe. It is still a carbohydrate and may need to be limited.
Many with Cohn’s cannot eat any kind of grain, especially in the wheat family.

Vitamin D3 supplementation until blood levels are 70 to 90. High levels are required to compensate for malnutrition and the high risk of developing other chronic disease. I have personally tested Biotec Brand. It's excellent.

A 2 x day drink of a green’s formula. Greens 8000 or Berry Greens 8000 but there are many other green products out there that are good. Just make sure you have a low fiber one.

Serrapeptase - Of major importance is to find ways to reduce inflammation. Although curcurmin is effective and and studies that show its ability to prevent and mitigate serious disease, you will want to look into and try Serrapeptase. Serrapeptase is an enzyme preparation made from the same enzyme that silk worms use to digest the tough leaves of the plants they eat. First discovered in China, its reputation has made it a leading anti-inflammatory in countries like Germany. It is an amazing anti-inflammatory. Take 2 pills 3 x day until you are feeling better then reduce to a dosage that keeps you stable. Once the inflammation is reduced two pills a day may be sufficient. Take between meals so that it gets directly into the blood stream rather than breaking down food. It may help provide pain relief in place of ibuprofen or other nsaids.

Initially IV vitamins and trace minerals may be required including B vitamins, Folate, Glutathione, vitamin C, as you begin the healing process. If some fats can be tolerated coconut oil by the teaspoon orally 3 x day will promote better digestion and may help alleviate the need for an antacid. If there are issues with reflux disease an oral enzyme product may be required. See my article on curing acid reflux.

If your disease has invaded the lower section of the small bowel you will be short on B12 and if an antacid is used then you are at greater risk for having insufficient vitamin B12. Shots, up to once a week of B12 methycobalamine until better small bowel function is attained. If shots are not available, you may try NOW brand oral lipsomal B12 which is a new application that may be absorbed better than other oral B12 supplements.

Expect up to 6 months for a high level of positive results when you incorporate the Three Phase Crohn's Protocol but you should know you are on the right track long before that which will include increasing strength, weight, better digestion and a gradual decrease in symptoms.

If your condition is severe seek a licensed Naturopath for IV assistance. Some people have been able to do protocols independently at home similar to the above written with very good results.

Recommended Reading

“Specific Carbohydrate” by Ramon Prasad, available at Amazon Books.

Learn About and Purchase VSL#3 Probiotic

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