Treating Crohn's Naturally - The Removal Phase

Treating Crohn's Naturally - The Removal Phase
In conventional medicine antibiotics are used in acute exacerbations of Crohn's disease to remove offending bacteria. But antibiotics have a long term impact though negative side effects that I prefer to call “poisoning effects.” Please. Lets get past the white washed terms. In a terrain that is already significantly damaged by antibiotics, as well as the disease itself through the overgrowth of adverse bacteria, adding more antibiotics will only contribute to more disease, and the significant and real possibility of the development of microbial resistance to antibiotics. This can result in an overlay of even more serious infection that is difficult to treat and may also be contagious, such as chronic candida, C-Difficile and MRSA. It may also be fatal.

It is essential for Crohn’s patients find a method to knock down the offending bacteria that does not pose the dangerous effects of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs. The three pronged approach of removal, modulate and restore will facilitate faster and more complete healing. Today I will tell you about two alternative approaches to knocking down the pathogen load in these diseases.

Rife technology and/or MMS. Both are controversial and neither are recommended by the FDA...and recently a warning was posted by the FDA regarding MMS as it can cause nausea, diarrhea and possible death. I suggest that you read the side effects of all the medications that you are using for comparison and make your decision. Many people die each year from Ibuprofen and antibiotics that are FDA approved so I guess these deaths are FDA approved deaths?

To my knowledge no one has died from the use of MMS. I feel you should be fully informed to make your decision. I and my family have used both Rife technology and MMS and hundreds of thousands of others over the past three years have used MMS. It is inexpensive and a great anti-microbial that does not cause resistant infections.

Rife technology has been advancing in recent years. Rife technology delivers frequencies to the body that kill pathogens. There are many types of Rife like machines out there. The best that I've found is the GB4000 with amplifier. If you choose this route you must get the amplifier. It will kill microbes and some people with Crohn's disease do have success with it combined with nutritional protocols. The limiting factor is the cost of the equipment and there is a learning curve to use it but not insurmountable. It is a viable option and I have used it successfully for other types of microbial issues. Many Crohn's patients who have experimented with it have found good results.

The other alternative treatment for removal is MMS. MMS kills pathogens quickly and with no significant adverse effects in my experience and many others that I have discussed the use of MMS with. Most people with Crohn’s experience some degree of improvement on MMS. Some people have had very close to cure benefits and are symptom free.

MMS will quickly and radically decrease the pathogen load in the GI tract as well as in the blood, fully and systemically. If you have associated skin or other conditions with Crohn's you will likely see those improve also.

During the detox process using MMS (or Rife) you may experience some adverse symptoms known as a herx reaction. This is caused by the detox process of large amounts of pathogens and other toxins. You may feel fatigue or mild flu like symptoms as the body works to throw out wastes. Aside from microbes MMS eliminates some heavy metals and other chemicals found in the body from our polluted environment. If a herx reaction occurs it is recommended to reduce the dosage of MMS, even skipping dosages or days till you are ready for more.

If you take MMS and it causes diarrhea that you think is not part of your Crohn’s condition reduce your dosage to the last previous dosage that was well tolerated. Do the same if it causes nausea. People who are healthy can take fairly large dosages of MMS without diarrhea or nausea, such as 10 to 20 drops in a dose. But this is strongly not recommended. Always start with one drop and move up drop by drop to see how you do. Do not start at high dosages. Review Jim Humbles website before starting.

There are many ways to take MMS. Jim Humble, the developer of MMS offers details on many MMS protocols at his website. Jim developed MMS from the predecessor product Stabilized Oxygen containing Sodium Chlorite. Some naturopaths have used sodium chlorite by IV for a long time but IV results may be slower even though it is given by IV as this application is in the un-activated form. It is really chlorine dioxide that kills the pathogen, the resulting product from activation with citric acid.

MMS can be neutralized by vitamin C and other antioxidants. If you feel that you have taken more MMS than you can comfortably tolerate take 1000 mg of vitamin c and it will help to neutralize it. It is recommended that you do not use vitamin c during the “remove” phase of your treatment when you are trying to decrease your pathogen load while using MMS. If you miss taking your MMS for some reason that is a good time to take vitamin c. Take other vitamins 4 hours before or after MMS. You may have to set your clock to take your vitamins in the middle of the night. Set them up and have them prepared at the bedside. This would be a good time to take 1 teaspoon of coconut oil also as some vitamins are fat soluble. MMS is your single most important defense to Crohn’s as it will “remove” the pathogens that are making you so sick.

There are two protocols for taking MMS, the original protocol which has you work up to 15 drops 3 x day as tolerated or the new protocol which has you take much smaller dosages every two hours. Good effects for Crohn’s has been seen with both protocols. Do the one that you can tolerate and be compliant with. Always go slow in advancing the dosage. Do not take a dosage that causes nausea or diarrhea, even if it requires that you take only one or two drops. It is not a race. Detox may be slow and the healing process does not happen overnight.

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