Canadian Bacon Roll-Ups

Canadian Bacon Roll-Ups
I made these for my sons second birthday and they were a hit. I thought I made too many but turns out I should have made even more because the treys were empty within minutes. The best thing about these is that it takes no time at all, minimum prep and doesn’t ring up a huge grocery bill.

1 (400g) container light cream cheese spread or 2 (200g) bricks of light cream cheese
2 packages maple flavoured bacon
6 large mushrooms
1 package of pitas or 1 loaf of white bread
1 package of onion soup mix
1 pinch garlic powder

To begin dice all mushrooms in a food processor. You want them to be small enough that you can spread them witha knife but making sure that they do not turn to mush.

In a large bowl combine both containers of light cream cheese (if you do not have any in regular cream cheese works as well), the onion soup package (I use Knorr Onion Soup Mix or Lipton Onion Soup Mix any other brand will work as well just make sure they are not to salty) and garlic powder. Mix all ingredients until it becomes a well-blended creamy mixture.

Now the next few steps can be done three different ways:

The first way is to spread the filling on the inside of the pita (forming a type of sandwich) Then cut the pita in diagonal strips about an inch in thickness and then again horizontally so that you are left with squares about an inch in size. Next cut your strips of bacon in half and wrap around the pita, use a toothpick to hold in place.

The second way is to spread a layer of the cream cheese mixture over the top of the pita (personally like to make this layer kind of thick). Cut the pita the same as directed above. If you choose this method I sometimes find a little extra bacon is needed (especially if you added the extra spread) so do not immediately cut your bacon in half. You want the bacon to completely cover the pita, however if there is some small openings it is not the end of the world. Just keep in mind that when heated, the cream cheese mixture becomes very ooey gooey and if not contained by the bacon will end up on your baking sheet instead of on your pita. A little bit of leakage however can leave these tasty bites looking even more mouth watering.

The third way is to completely switch out the pita with a piece of white bread. Just simply spread the mixture over the bread the same way you would spread jam on toast. Cut into inch long strips but only in one direction this time. Take your each of your strips and roll them so they look kind of like jelly rolls. If you are like me and have added extra cream cheese spread then you may find you need to either (a) cut the strips in half before rolling or (b) use a rolling pin to flatten bread before spreading on the mixture. Both of these methods will prevent your rolls from being way over sized. Wrap in bacon and hold with toothpick.

**If you would like a faster way of doing this last method follow as directed above but instead of cutting the bread in strips simply roll up the entire slice. Once rolled into a jellyroll form cut out bite sized pieces (about an inch in thickness).

Place your wraps on a baking sheet about an inch apart and bake at 350 degrees until bacon is crisp. If the bacon doesn’t seem to want to crisp up after 10 minutes then try broiling them on high, but be sure to watch them carefully as they will burn easily.

I prefer these wraps to be served hot but they are still just as tasty when cooled down.

Other tasty ideas for this recipe:

Try turning these wraps inside out by first frying your bacon in a pan until crisped, chopping it up finely and adding to the cream cheese mixture. Spread over piece of bread, roll and cut as directed above using a toothpick to keep them in place. Bake in oven until bread is lightly toasted and insides are warm and gooey. (You may lightly butter the outside of the bread to help make it a more golden color)

For extra flavour and texture try adding a can of crabmeat or small shrimp (mashed) into the cream cheese mixture. Just be sure to make sure none of your guests have allergies!

A little touch of Parmesan cheese can also add a nice flavour to the dish.

If you do not have maple bacon regular bacon may be used (I also very much enjoy using alder smoked bacon with this recipe)

If you are a garlic lover like me switch out the garlic powder with a clove or two of minced garlic, or maybe even add a pinch of both.

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