PS2 USB Headset Microphone

PS2 USB Headset Microphone
The Playstation 2 Headset Microphone by Logitech lets you talk with your online friends, play games with voice commands, and much more!

The Logitech unit has a leather-like padded earpiece on one ear and just a plastic part on the other side to hold the unit on your head. It's relative comfortable, although after an hour or two it can start to be sore. However, if you talk to any receptionist that wears headsets all day long, you'll realize that comfort costs money - if you really want a unit that you can wear all day, you need to pay the money for that kind of unit. This PS2 unit is only $30 or so, and doesn't really qualify.

There's a microphone part that does have an adjustable arm in the sense that you can bend it in and out, but it isn't "extendable", i.e. you can't make it longer or shorter. This might work well for someone with a typical sized head, but if your head happens to be larger or smaller, the microphone won't end up near your mouth.

Some versions of this unit come with a mute, while others don't. Ours doesn't have a mute but I really don't see this as important - any game you play with a microphone comes with some sort of a mute option. We are currently using this unit with Lifeline which is a single person adventure game, so mute really doesn't matter. Other PS2 games with microphones all handle voice issues well.

The unit is pretty sturdy and handles wear well. Like any piece of electronics, you get out of it what you put into it. If you fling it around and step on it, it's going to break. We've treated ours reasonably well, and it's held up quite well in return.

This microphone headset simply plugs into the USB port provided on any PS2 unit. The port is found beneath the regular controller port location.

A great unit if you play games that involve voice commands. Well recommended for any online gamer who enjoys having communications with their fellow teammates.

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